A Valentine’s meme – times two

…because it’s a good day to share the love. Link love to Melody’s Reading Corner, where I found this one. UPDATED midway through Valentine’s Day to add Tall Paul’s answers. His are the ones in italics, but they should be obvious by the content. 1. If you could have any Celebrity Valentine, who would it be? I think I’m on the record that it would be Jon Stewart. However, like many other women of a […]

Booking Through Thursday 2-14

Booking Through Thursday 2-14

I had a post ready for today, but I liked this suggestion from Chris even better, so … thanks, Chris! Here’s something for Valentine’s Day. Have you ever fallen out of love with a favorite author? Was the last book you read by the author so bad, you broke up with them and haven’t read their work since? Could they ever lure you back? Don’t forget to leave a link to your actual response (so […]

Book talk: “Firefly Lane”

Book talk: “Firefly Lane”

Firefly LaneKristin HannahSt. Martin’s Press, 2008 (ISBN 0312364083)Fiction, 496 pages First sentence: They used to be called the Firefly Lane girls. Book Description: They were known as the Firefly Lane girls — a single, inseparable unit. On the surface, they were as opposite as two people could be. Kate, doomed to be uncool, had a loving family. Tully, steeped in glamour and mystery, had a secret home life that was destroying her. The best friends […]

In the season of reflection and repentance…

Lent began last week, and that seems like appropriate timing for this quiz (via Sunshine): Greed: Very Low Gluttony: Medium Wrath: Low Sloth: High Envy: Very Low Lust: Very Low Pride: Medium The Seven Deadly Sins Quiz on 4degreez.com I’d like to get all worked up about that high sloth score, but…well, that would be too much work. Looks like I should be thinking more in terms of starting something rather than giving up anything […]

I have a dream…about my job

Did you ever feel like you could do your job – or at least some parts of it – in your sleep? Do you ever feel like you are doing your job in your sleep? Do you ever think you’re doing your job while you’re asleep? Do you ever want to sleep while you’re on the job? Yeah, me too. I guess it makes sense that a person might dream about work sometimes. Considering how […]

Ten on Tuesday 2-12: 10 Things You Dislike About Politics

This week’s list of “Ten Things You Dislike About Politics” came to me so quickly it was a bit disappointing, to be honest. But since “Super Tuesday” was held last week and it’s still primary season, politics has been front and center in many people’s minds lately. This list isn’t ranked; the order is mostly how things came to me. Ballot measures – These are really big in California elections. The primary ballot statewide had […]

Weekend assignment #202 (6) – Love Story

Weekend Assignment #201: Valentine’s Day is coming! Tell us a love story. It can be the story of you and your beloved, someone else you know, that celebrity couple you find intriguing, a quick recap of a comedy or tragedy from Shakespeare, Rob Reiner or whomever (with attribution, of course), or a story you make up yourself. All I ask is that it be a tale of love that appeals to you for one reason […]

This week’s Scraptacular

Looking them over, it seems that a lot of the Reader items that I starred this past week were either for my own reference or of relatively narrow interest (that is, maybe three people besides me), but I’ve found a few things to share, even so. New to Google Reader this weekMad Marriage: Confessions of Marriage and Motherhood, via SoCal MomBad Advice, via The Anti-9-to-5 GuideCats & Crime & Rock & Roll, a blog by […]

iPod Random Ten 2-9-08

“Hotel Majestic,” Fountains of Wayne, Traffic and Weather“Hazy Shade of Winter,” Bangles, Greatest Hits“All the Roadrunning,” Mark Knopfler and Emmylou Harris (from the album of the same name)*“What a Crying Shame,” The Mavericks (from the album of the same name)*“Leave the Pieces,” The Wreckers, Stand Still, Look Pretty“Crazy Ex-Girlfriend,” Miranda Lambert (from the album of the same name)*“Addicted,” Kelly Clarkson, Breakaway“Oh, Atlanta,” Alison Krauss & Union Station, Live“Trouble River,” Bruce Springsteen, 18 Tracks“My Valentine, ” […]

Double feature: High School Memesical AND HSM 2

I have to be honest – I stole this one from Pam at Here, There, and Everywhere at least partly because of the punny title. When I told Tall Paul about it, he asked me to send him the questions, but I told him I’d only do it if he let me post his answers too, so you’re getting a twofer on this one. His answers are the ones in italics. The rules: Fill this […]

Booking Through Thursday 2-7: “But enough about books…”

Booking Through Thursday 2-7: “But enough about books…”

Okay, even I can’t read ALL the time, so I’m guessing that you folks might voluntarily shut the covers from time to time as well… What else do you do with your leisure to pass the time? Walk the dog? Knit? Run marathons? Construct grandfather clocks? Collect eggshells?Don’t forget to leave a link to your actual response (so people don’t have to go searching for it) in the comments—or if you prefer, leave your answers […]

Books, movies, and babies – a convergence

Books, movies, and babies – a convergence

Last weekend was about babies, in one way or another. Baby Proof Emily GiffinSt. Martin’s Griffin (paperback) 2007 (ISBN 0312348657)Fiction, 368 pages First sentence: I never wanted to be a mother. Book description: First comes love. Then comes marriage. Then comes….a baby carriage? Isn’t that what all women want? Not so for Claudia Parr. And just as she gives up on finding a man who feels the same way, she meets warm, wonderful Ben. Things […]