A Valentine’s meme – times two

…because it’s a good day to share the love. Link love to Melody’s Reading Corner, where I found this one.

UPDATED midway through Valentine’s Day to add Tall Paul’s answers. His are the ones in italics, but they should be obvious by the content.

1. If you could have any Celebrity Valentine, who would it be? I think I’m on the record that it would be Jon Stewart. However, like many other women of a certain age and taste, I would not object to George Clooney.

Not Jon Stewart… probably not George Clooney… I guess I would pick Rachel Weisz or Isabella Rossellini.

2. What is your idea of a romantic date? One that surprises me, and that I’m not involved in planning. But if you’d like to know what elements to include, I like leisurely meals, a view of the ocean, good music, the chance to dress up a little, and not having to rush through things. He can decide how to put everything together, though.

A nice meal, good conversation, and visible cleavage (not mine, hers). As long as I am with Florinda, it does not matter (OK, Carl’s Jr. matters) where we are.

3. Do you prefer chocolates or flowers on Valentine’s Day? And why do I have to choose? Seriously, not flowers – the prices get way too jacked up for the holiday. And I’m not a big fan of candy in general. Maybe I could have a nice big chocolate chip cookie instead?

(My answers to those last two questions make me wonder if I’m more high-maintenance than I think I am…)

~And this is where I should interject that flowers were delivered to me at the office this morning – an arrangement in reds and purples, our wedding colors. I feel like a dork now.~

Chocolate. Preferably over strawberries.

4. What is your favorite romantic movie? romantic book? Hey, I can count The Princess Bride for both! Since I tend to prefer romance as one element of a story rather than the central focus, I can’t come up with more “pure” romance titles for either a book or movie that I’d consider a favorite off the top of my head. But I do prefer romantic comedy to tragedy – in movies, books, and life,

Movie: Either Father Goose, The Grass is Greener, or Casablanca. (By the way, it’s no coincidence that two out of three are Cary Grant films.) Book: Bloodsucking Fiends by Christopher Moore

5. Do you like those ‘conversation hearts’ or do you think they taste gross? Sometimes they’re funny, but I wouldn’t eat them.

They are gross, but, I eat them anyway. Is it me or do they all taste the same?

6. Who is your Valentine this year? I guess I’d better say it’s Tall Paul, huh? My funny Valentine. πŸ™‚

Florinda of course! I am not allowed within 100 yards of Rachel Weisz.

Happy Valentine’s Day, and play along if you like!

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  1. Sounds as if you are having a lovely Valentine’s Day with your Tall Paul. Am glad he got you flowers!

    I, too, got posies–pink roses. And got taken out for a nice French lunch. Had wine in the middle of the day. So much for productivity…..

  2. Working Girl – The flowers were a surprise. I got him an assortment of chocolate bars and M&Ms. We’re not officially celebrating until Saturday night, though.

    Glad you had such a nice Valentine’s Day, Karen!

  3. Pam – It’s not usually on purpose. Most of the time I’ll do one, and he reads the post later (usually on his lunch hour) and then e-mails me his answers – which he knows by now will end up on my blog. πŸ™‚ I like it too, though, and I’m glad that Tall Paul is such a good sport about it.

  4. I think that the “I’m not involved in planning” is key. As much as I adore my husband, that’s not something I hold my breath for.

    Tall Paul is right about those hearts. They all taste the same. Why do I bother eating them? I don’t especially like them . . .

  5. Literary Feline – I don’t mind the planning if I want it to be a surprise for him, but sometimes the best gift a control freak can get is for someone else to be in charge. πŸ™‚