In the season of reflection and repentance…

Lent began last week, and that seems like appropriate timing for this quiz (via Sunshine):

Greed: Very Low

Gluttony: Medium

Wrath: Low

Sloth: High

Envy: Very Low

Lust: Very Low

Pride: Medium

The Seven Deadly Sins Quiz on

I’d like to get all worked up about that high sloth score, but…well, that would be too much work. Looks like I should be thinking more in terms of starting something rather than giving up anything for Lent.

Let me know which sin is going to do you in!

*And by the way – this is Post #400! Not too bad for a sloth, if I say so myself. Is it a sin to take a little pride in that?*

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  1. Sunshine – You had me beat on greed, though. I’ll share some of my gluttony score with you if you want (but then would I actually have to share the food too?). 😀

    This was fun. Turned out that my husband’s a big sloth too. I guess it’s good that we’re well-matched that way.

  2. Literary Feline – Thanks! 400 sort of snuck up on me.

    Maybe we’re not really all that slothful – we’d just rather be reading :-).