On Mothers’ Day: The lost mothers

This post, one of my occasional forays into the political, is prompted by a Mothers’ Day blogswarm in protest of maternal deaths – a protest in protest of an anti-abortion protest (got all that?) held in Knoxville, TN on May 10. The Knoxville event was planned as a “funeral procession to mourn aborted fetuses.” In response, the ArchCrone and ShortWoman launched their own blog initiative to mourn and honor mothers who have lost their own […]

Is an advanced degree hazardous to your…marriage?

Before things get underway, I just wanted to mention that it’s Blog Reader Appreciation Day. Thanks so much for reading and participating here, whether it’s every day or just every now and then. I am truly glad you found this place and hope you visit often!———————————————————————-Laurie Ruettimann called attention to a recent Wall Street Journal/CareerJournal.com article that reported on a study finding that women with advanced degrees were more likely to get divorced then men […]

Just one month till the Festival of Books!

One of my favorite annual local events will be held over the weekend of April 26 and 27 – The Los Angeles Times Festival of Books! This free event (there’s a charge for parking) on the UCLA campus celebrates books and reading with author talks, panel discussions, book signings, book-selling, and more. There’s a great kids’ section, and many activities geared for them too. Aside from browsing the exhibitor booths, one of my favorite things […]

To thine own vows be true: public and private considerations

This is actually something that’s been on and off my mind for awhile, but the events in New York State earlier this month brought it back up again. In a recent post, PunditMom – who has gone public as a Hillary Clinton supporter in the race for the Democratic presidential nomination – pondered the idea that “(t)here just seems to be a lingering, niggling something about Hillary’s decision to — yes — stand by her […]

Who’s sayin’ Hussein? Florinda Hussein Vasquez, that’s who

Who’s sayin’ Hussein? Florinda Hussein Vasquez, that’s who

This one is for the MOMocrats. We here at MOMocrats have decided to make today an impromptu “Just Call Me Hussein” Day in response to people like Bill Cunningham who is obviously still seven-years-old. Bill needs to learn how to use his words so in order to remind him that making fun of people’s names is not polite, we are using our powers as mothers to teach this naughty little boy a lesson. Today, for […]

Traffic complaint of the week

Traffic complaint of the week

I had the day off from work on Monday for President’s Day – and if I had any sense, I would have asked for the next week and a half off too. Unfortunately, we have auditors coming in next week so the request would have been denied. In any case, I thought I’d share what’s going on in my office’s neighborhood for the next several days, just so you might give me a little sympathy. […]

Gone to the dogs

Gone to the dogs

I grew up with cats as pets, but when I grew up, I switched sides. I tend to call myself a “total dog person,” but that’s not entirely true. While I’m very fond of dogs in general, there are certain breeds and varieties I love dearly, while I have little use for others; and of course, dogs I encounter on an individual basis are evaluated on their own merits, although I’ll admit to prejudice for […]

Driving under the influence…of crazy laws

The week between Christmas and New Year’s Day is vacation time for many people, but I worked that week (half-days only, though, since my son and his girlfriend were in town). It’s actually not a bad time to be at work – since so many people aren’t there, it’s quieter and often more productive. And since so many people aren’t off to work, they’re off the road too, and the commute is…well, almost fun, or […]

The “literate city” rankings – where does your town stand?

Thanks to Pop Culture Junk Mail for the tip-off on this. An annual study of the “literacy rankings” of the 69 largest cities in the US has just released its 2007 results, and America’s most-literate city is…well, technically there are two. The Twin Cities of Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota occupy first and third place on the list, separated by 2006’s number-one ranked city, Seattle, Washington. USA Today has reported on the results and some summary interpretations, […]

Nobody walks in LA – everyone drives (each other crazy)

If you’ve been reading here for any length of time, you may have noticed that traffic and commuting are among my favorite ranting topics. This is an interesting finding on that subject, via the On the Job blog – when given the choice between relocating and “extreme commuting,” a new study from Korn/Ferry International indicates that 70% of executives would prefer the latter alternative. “Extreme commuting” is defined as “traveling by plane to work and […]


I work in Hollywood, but not as part of “Hollywood” – my closest connection to “the industry” is my brother-in-law, who manages several local production studios for a cable-TV company. But the writers’ strike is the talk of our town right now, and if it lasts too long – the last time one happened, in 1988, it lasted 22 weeks – it will probably be the talk of your town too, since there won’t be […]

Don’t play with fire!

Don’t play with fire!

Most of last week’s fires will soon be history, thank goodness, but another Santa Ana winds “event” is forecast for the end of this week, so we’re getting braced and hoping it won’t be as harsh as the last one. But the last round is still in the local news, and the Wednesday morning papers relayed the information that one of the larger outbreaks, the Buckweed fire in northern LA County (one of the ones […]