Just one month till the Festival of Books!

One of my favorite annual local events will be held over the weekend of April 26 and 27 – The Los Angeles Times Festival of Books!

This free event (there’s a charge for parking) on the UCLA campus celebrates books and reading with author talks, panel discussions, book signings, book-selling, and more. There’s a great kids’ section, and many activities geared for them too. Aside from browsing the exhibitor booths, one of my favorite things there are the giant, audience-participation crossword puzzles. Two years ago at the Festival, we had the opportunity to see a performance by the most rockin’ bunch of writers you’ve ever heard of, The Rock Bottom Remainders, but it looks like their “tour” this year will be just one show, in New York City on June 1. It’s a benefit, and they’re a lot of fun – see it if you have the chance, but you won’t be seeing it at UCLA.

But getting back to the original point; if you’re in Southern California and a book lover, you really shouldn’t miss the Festival. And please e-mail me if you plan to go; maybe we can meet up among the books!

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  1. You saw the Remainders? That would be fun! I met Dave Barry at a book signing a couple years ago. He was great and super nice. My daughter would like to see The Doodlebops. I see they are going to be there.

  2. I’ve been so out of it lately. I’m glad you posted about the festival as I might have forgotten otherwise.

    They’re having a comic section this year, which my husband is just thrilled about.

  3. Mike – The Remainders were a blast. They clearly have fun, and some of them aren’t completely horrible musicians, either. My husband’s actually seen them twice (different years of the Festival, once with each wife). He’s a big Dave Barry fan too. I keep thinking you guys would get along well…

    Literary Feline – Mark your calendar now, Wendy! 🙂 We usually go on Saturday morning, before things get too crowded, since we don’t normally have an author-sighting agenda. But maybe we should actually check the schedule first this year…My husband just might like that comic section too.

  4. I might go. If I do, do you think I could hitch a ride with you? Last year, I went with my family and my husband said no way is he ever going to do that again. (he’s more of a newspaper reader, not a book reader).

  5. Cherann – I don’t think it would be a problem. I’ll e-mail you once I know when we’re going and you can let me know if the time would work for you – how’s that?