Home is not necessarily where you buy it

The rarely-dull, often-controversial “Brazen Careerist” seems to have an especially “brazen” tone today in her Yahoo! Finance column about “5 financial calculators you should use cautiously.” #4 on her list caught my interest: 4. Renting vs. buying calculator It used to be that the American dream was about buying a house. Today, the new version of the American dream is about time and personal development — and the best way to get more time is […]

Rock and roll, part 2

Our Chatsworth shaker last week was small time. This is an earthquake. Bad times in Peru today, and a reminder that it’s an unstable world in more ways than one. Subscribe to Blog via Email Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Email Address Subscribe Join 2,318 other subscribers

The bridge fell down

My thoughts are in Minneapolis this morning. They’re also traveling back to the cafeteria of St. Petersburg Catholic High School on a rainy morning in May 1980, where students were waiting to find out if classes would be cancelled due to school flooding, when we heard that just a few miles away, part of the Sunshine Skyway Bridge had just fallen into Tampa Bay. I still tend to hold my breath when I have to […]