the last blog post of 2016

The Last Blog Post of 2016

2016 was my first year blogging on self-hosted WordPress and my all-time worst year of blogging output. I’ve barely cracked 100 posts, and I am officially declaring this one my Last Blog Post of 2016. After nearly ten years of doing this, I don’t feel a need to make excuses or apologies for inconsistency or offer promises to do better. I’m just grateful if you show up when I do!

2016: The Leap Year That Leaped Into the Abyss

Personally speaking, 2016 was probably a better year than 2015. No one in my family was diagnosed with cancer or spent a holiday in the hospital, so let’s start with that.  I spent time with my book-blogging BFFs in Chicago and celebrated ten years with my husband at Disneyland.  We still have our jobs, our house and our dog…and Hamilton.

But in the world outside our little world, this was a remarkably, memorably rotten year. The biggest reason not to be glad it’s nearly over is the fear that 2017 could be even worse. But if it is, at least we’ll be expecting it. Part of what’s made the past year so rough is that the hardest hits took so many of us by surprise.

The family dogs on Christmas Eve

  • Reading: I finished a couple of books right before Christmas, and I had no unread items in my feed reader on the morning of December 26. We had family visiting and lots to do over Christmas weekend, and I went back to work yesterday. Basically, I’m puttering right now.

Since my commuting time is greatly reduced during the holiday weeks, I’m in between audiobooks, too. I mentioned in my last Currently post that I might DNF Carrie Fisher’s The Princess Diarist,  but recent events have made me rethink that, and I bought her two previous memoirs, Wishful Drinking and Shockaholic, from Audible yesterday. Princess Leia was quite a writer when she wasn’t saving the galaxy.

  • Watching: I’ve been to the movies five times in the last twelve days.  I saw Rogue One in three different theaters with three different groups of people between December 18th and 23rd. We saw La La Land on Christmas Day. And last Thursday night, I saw my very favorite movie on the big screen for the very first time when we went to a special American Cinematheque showing of The Princess Bride in Hollywood.
  • Writing: Obviously, this is one thing I have not been doing. One reason I’ve been puttering around reading-wise is that I have four finished books to write about, and I don’t want to get further behind. I haven’t worked on my Year in Review posts, either. I’m hoping to make progress on all of this over New Year’s weekend since we don’t have much else going on. On the bright side, I just might be well set for blog content to kick off 2017!
Further Reading: Year-end Lists and Reflections

Books of the Year from a variety of sources:

Reading, writing, and thinking:

Happy New Year! Thank you for being here, and I look forward to seeing you again in 2017!

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  1. Winchester is my favourite. I think it is a mixture of the fun name you chose and the dog itself. lol But, I love all dogs. Anyway, I blogged more this year than previous years. I am very impressed with myself. I hope I like Carrie Fisher’s new memoir as it is going to be my next audio. I read her previous two and liked them. She had some interesting ways of looking at things! lol I am actually currently reading Bloodline, which is a Star Wars book by Claudia Gray that centres around Princess Leia. I do not usually read Star Wars books, but it is really well done. And now, I think I also want to read Debbie Reynolds memoirs. I have them in my wish list not expecting her to pass, too! Happy New Year! See you are the social media landscape. 🙂

    1. I was enjoying Carrie Fisher’s latest, but I had put it aside when it got to the actual diary entries, which are read by someone else. I didn’t realize till yesterday that the co-narrator is her daughter, Billie Lourd. I only have a couple of hours of the audio left, and now I’m pretty sure I’ll continue it.

      Congrats on being a steadier blogger in 2016! I averaged two posts a week but was not nearly as consistent as that makes it sound :-). Happy New Year, and Winchester sends his best to Mackie!

  2. Happy New Year. I’m pretty on target of where I was last year in terms of reading and blogging, though I didn’t mark my blogiversary like I usually do. I’ve been busy with kid stuff and the book tour business for poets, so overall, I’m surprised by how much I got done. Writing, on the other hand, has been a surprise at the end of the year with the Pushcart nomination. I was not expecting that, especially after all the rejections I had before I finally had some acceptances for poems. It’s been a mixed bag of a year…and politics totally burnt me out this year, and there’s more of that to come.

    1. Pushcart nomination?! How did I miss that??? That’s an excellent surprise to end the year on an up note!

      Sadly, I’m quite sure you’re right about the continuing burnout from the political trash fire, though.