Thankful for a long weekend

Thankful for a Long Weekend [Show and Tell Sunday]

My agency doesn’t give a holiday for the day after Thanksgiving, but everyone in my department took Friday off. I’m thankful for a long weekend and wishing it could be even longer!

space shuttle endeavor

Paul and I had Thanksgiving Day to ourselves. The kitchen stayed quiet and we went to one of our favorite restaurants for dinner. I had the Thanksgiving Day special and my husband–no fan of turkey–ate filet mignon. We both got just what we wanted, although I’d have liked a little more dressing on my plate.

We took advantage of our Friday off to visit the California Science Center in downtown Los Angeles. The space shuttle Endeavour is lodged there now, and we’ve wanted to see it for awhile. The only shopping we did on Black Friday was in the museum’s gift shops.

november rain

It’s late as usual, but autumn has finally arrived in Southern California. The weekend has been chilly enough for coats and scarves, and it rained on Saturday. Rainy Saturday afternoon = perfect time for reading! I didn’t officially sign up for Thankfully Reading Weekend, but hitting the books was officially part of my weekend plan.

I’ve finished two audiobooks since my last Sunday update, and I’m hoping I’ll be ambitious enough today to draft posts about them. I’ve also completed a reading for Shelf Awareness and need to get to work on that review. I’m preparing albondigas (Mexican meatball soup) for dinner tonight, so I might write while it’s cooking. Then again, I might decide to read something else…or join Paul on the couch to watch some more of the FXX Simpsons marathon. (If he decides not to be on the couch, I might get to start the Gilmore Girls miniseries on Netflix.)

Or I might nap. Winchester always thinks that’s a good idea.

winchester in bed

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  1. I love the way you spend your Thanksgiving! I’m glad you had a good long weekend – there’s not much better.

  2. Sounds like our Sundays are similar. A nap was definitely on my agenda and I also need to write a SA review. Glad you had a nice Thanksgiving and some well-deserved time off!

  3. It was just the two of us too — but I cooked. BUT easy and way pared down so it was no bother. And then I didn’t have to cook the rest of the weekend, except to repurpose the turkey.