what i'm working on to-do list

Open Items: What I’m Working On

This weekend, I composed a series of short updates that I’ve scheduled to post over the course of the week. I don’t have time for too much more than that right now, but I’m not happy being a missing person in Bloggerland, so this is my current coping strategy.

Here is a look at what I’m working on at my day job, via my office to-do list for today. It obviously doesn’t include the things I don’t know about yet that are likely to jump the queue and cause the items I do know about to be dislodged or rearranged.

what i'm working on to-do list

The items tagged as “audit” are documents I owe the CPAs so they can get the agency’s annual financial reports ready. Our CEO wants them by mid-May. Since I will be out of the office the week before the middle of May (Hello, Chicago! Can’t wait to wait to see you and the glory of BEA!),Β I’ve been trying to hop on their requests as quickly as possible, but I’ve gotten a little behind.

I had intentionally put the CPAs on hold last week so I could focus on closing our agency’s books for March and preparing internal reports, but closing got delayed by an audit-related project I had to take away from one of my staff. It had been delayed for much too long, it was essential for getting the audit completed, and since she wasn’t getting it done, I did it myself…and I will be transferring the ongoing responsibility for it to a different member of my staff.

(Bank account reconciliations really need to be done on a timely basis, and they shouldn’t be that hard. That’s all I’m saying about that.)

The county auditors arrived on-site for an unrelated audit last week, and the only reason I don’t have any items for them on this list at the moment is that our senior accountant–a new position that we filled in December–is running point on dealing with most of their requests, and I am very appreciative! They will be in our offices for the better part of six weeks. I’m much less appreciative of that.

Today’s main goal is getting March’s internal reports ready so they can be distributed before a monthly managers’ meeting on Tuesday. Once that’s done, I can shift my attention back to audits and trying to get a headstart on my month-end tasks for April. I may have mentioned I’ll be out of the office for a week in May.

Last week, I got into the office as early as traffic would allow and left between 30 and 90 minutes later than normal every day. I expect the same for most of the next two weeks.

And now you know why I’ve been getting so little reading or blogging done lately…and why I really look forward to that week away next month!

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