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4 Things to Start Spring [Show and Tell Sunday]

Happy First Day of Spring, Northern Hemisphere!

sunset march 19 2016The last sunset of winter, through a car window

I had mistakenly thought today was also the first day of Spring Bloggiesta and had planned my starting-line post as this week’s Sunday programming. Then I actually read the calendar and realized that one’s for tomorrow, so this Show-and-Tell Sunday is spur-of-the-moment and short.


lobero theater loreena mckennitt

My husband Paul has been a fan of musician Loreena McKennitt for two decades, and seeing her perform in concert on her Trio Tour in Santa Barbara last week was a “bucket list” item for him, Meeting her outside the theatre before the show was something he’d never have even thought to put on that list, but thanks to our lucky early-bird timing, it happened! If you’re reading this and asking “Who is Loreena McKennitt?’, go read this interview/essay from the Los Angeles Review of Books, which touches on her music as travel writing.


We didn’t get to make a side trip to Chaucer’s Bookstore during our day in Santa Barbara, and since my break from reviewing for Shelf Awareness has really cut down the number of books that come into my house, I’m really craving a bookstore binge. Perhaps it will be my birthday gift to myself a week from Tuesday. What do you think I should buy?


dog in the flowers spring sunday
Winchester stops to sniff spring flowers


I finished the last piece of “required” reading on my docket last night, for a blog tour later this week. Aside from library books, my reading will be deadline-free for the next couple of months! I’m a little thrown by the freedom to read what I want, to be honest. I’m considering spending the next few weeks primarily reading ebooks. I’m also thinking about taking the randomizer approach to my physical shelves and reading whatever comes up next. Maybe I’ll do both. What do you think?

The first breakfast of spring, comsumed while writing this post because I have a hard time not doing something else while eating. What are you doing this Sunday?

spring sunday morning breakfast

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