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Show-and-Tell Sunday: Notes From Elsewhere

I’m showing and telling today from my mother-in-law’s home in Oceanside, California (north of San Diego), which we were able to return her to this weekend! We’re staying here till tomorrow to help her settle back in and make arrangements for her to have some assistance during the next few weeks as her broken ribs continue to heal.

Minor accomplishments: 4 things I did this week
  • Finished reading a book!
  • Set up review draft templates for that book and three others
  • Changed to a new blog template (it’s been nearly a month since I moved over to WordPress–it was time)
  • Got through the backlog of year-end posts in Feedly

Some of the things I got done this week were things I did instead of what I was supposed to be doing–it was a big week for restlessness and distractions, frankly. I’m hoping that now that my mother-in-law is home and recovering, our daily lives will get back on track–I’ve got a lot of work I’m struggling to do this month!

There’s some work I don’t have to do for the next few months, though–I’m on hiatus from reviewing books for Shelf Awareness until mid-year. I’m looking at this break as a great opportunity to #ReadMyOwnDamnBooks, assuming I can summon the energy and attention to take advantage of it!

Small disappointments: 3 things I didn’t do this week
  • Write any of the book reviews I made templates for
  • Finish the 140-page novella I’ve been reading since November
  • Make a decent start on reading any of the three books I’ve picked up since I put down the book I finished last Sunday

I did get to spend Friday morning in the back seat of the car with this guy, though, making the drive down to Mom’s. 2016 has been a bumpy road so far, but things could be worse!

backseat dog


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  1. Yay! A book!!! I finished one this week too, so now up to TWO for the year. Go us with our reading bad selves! 🙂 Great photo and so clear.

    1. If I get really ambitious, I could finish my third book of the year today! I just need to summon the energy to write them up before I forget them, which is the whole reason I started doing this.

  2. Thanks! I think part of the issue is that when we’re juggling a bunch of things and many feel open-ended and uncertain, there’s a sense of concrete accomplishment that comes with actually finishing a book :).