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From the Clipboard: A Link Roundup

I’m not getting as much blog-reading time as I’d like lately, but I do have a small accumulation of links I’ve been saving to share, and I’ve decided not to hold onto them any longer–time for a link roundup post! If you’d like to get them all in a handy list instead of bookmarking this blog post, here’s the OneTab where I collected them.

But before we get to the reading links, I’d like to pass along a few referral links that I just never seem to get around to sharing.

Tell ‘Em I Sent You: Referral Links

I’m required to change my work password every few weeks. I know that strong passwords–long, complex, and random–are the most secure, but they’re much harder to remember, and that can drive you crazy. Thanks to LastPass, I can generate those passwords easily…and the only password I actually have to know is my master password for the LastPass app. Interested? Here’s my LastPass referral link.

Email drives us all crazy sometimes, but mine is a little less crazy-making thanks to linking SaneBox to my Gmail account. Curious? Here’s my SaneBox referral link.

One daily email that helps keep me little more sane–and a lot better informed–is The SkimmIt’s a smart, efficient roundup of the news you need every morning–not just the headlines, but the context, too. Try out the #SkimmLife with my referral link.

And if you haven’t checked out Stitch Fix yet, the new year is a great time to let them help you refine your style! Here’s my StitchFix referral link so you can give it a try.


Sharing is Caring: Reading Links

Several of the reading links I have this time around are blogging links:

A mother wonders about the man with the gun at the playground

An author reflects on ownership of story and when truth becomes too mixed up with fiction

The one thing that changed his life:

“I had to read books. When you read a book you are taking someone’s entire life that they have nicely curated for you into a 200–400 page book that you can read in a week.

“What! I couldn’t believe it. I didn’t have to live their life. I could just absorb it by reading it.

“I learn what they did to survive. I learned what they did to take action. To get off the floor. To laugh. To survive. To thrive.

“Books were my anti-depressant. Then books gave me know-how to get off the floor. Then books gave me ideas. Then ideas gave me actions and actions gave me people and opportunities and a new life.”

And finally, a link that made me congratulate myself on changing my work schedule to protect my sanity last week: why slow traffic (and internet!) can make you snap

Have you read anything good online lately?

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