Holiday Faves: A Christmas (Tree) Story

I was originally going to make this a Wordless Wednesday post, but since today’s prompt for #AMonthofFaves is

Tue. | Dec. 15 – Favorite Holiday Festivities – show off your favorite ornaments, home decor, place to go, holiday drinks, holiday eats, holiday themed reads

I thought I’d flesh it out a little more and join in the fun! We spent this Sunday afternoon getting the house decorated…which, quite honestly, is mostly just the tree, but I do save a few books to put out every year.

holiday books Christmas Story Angel Grinch
I reviewed The Stupidest Angel in December 2010–it’s the best Christmas-zombie story I know. I suspect most of you are more familiar with the other two books, though.
We haven’t actually gotten around to watching A Christmas Story the last few years, but it’s still part of our traditions. As one of the great pop-culture icons of the holiday season, Ralphie gets two spots on our tree.

Honestly, aound our house, pop-culture icons are in season all year long.

ornaments Captain America Star Trek Simpsons
Captain America, Captain Kirk, and “Mr. Plow” ornament our Christmas tree

With a Weeping Angel atop the tree, this is how Whovians do the holidays.
Our tree’s other major motif is mementos from places we’ve visited. We have a tradition of acquiring two things as souvenirs when we travel–refrigerator magnets and Christmas ornaments. We love turning the tree into a place to reminisce, prompting us to remember where and when we got each of these additions and reminding us of places we want to see again.
What are a few of your holiday faves?
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  1. We’ve been collecting ornaments for years and I love pulling them out and remembering the meaning behind them or the people who gave them to us. My favorites are those that were made by family members.

    1. We really like having fewer and fewer “generic” ornaments on the tree each year, as they get crowded out by more significant ones. We only have a couple of homemade ones, but those were made by Chris when he was in school, and I’m keeping them till he asks for them for a tree of his own.