Show-and-Tell MONDAY: Recapping Sunday

The day started with a motorcycle and ended in a hospital, but despite what you might suspect, one had nothing to do with the other!
But to begin by backtracking, this happened last Sunday:
Yesterday. Paul and I began our morning with a ride to Malibu on his motorcycle, where this happened along the way:
When I took my phone out of my jacket pocket after we got home, I found this text:
An hour or two later, we didn’t know much more, and I decided that what we needed was to meet my sister at the hospital, where we remained until nearly 7:00 PM.  My dad stayed behind, but we hope he’ll be coming home a little later today.
We don’t really know why he fell this time, but dehydration and/or a possible bad reaction to an antibiotic are suspected causes. We do know that we need to make a few changes so he can continue living on his own a while longer–without landing on his floor. If any of you have some experience with older relatives and emergency-alert systems, please tell me about it!

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