Five for Friday: Links of the Week, November 13

link roundup
The way things have gone this week, I wasn’t sure I’d get through much online reading at all, let alone have anything to share. But I really did not want to blow my NaBloPoMo streak on Friday the 13th–it just seemed too cosmically, karmically obvious–so I was extra-motivated to put together this week’s little list of links for you.
  • “Just like people, no media is perfect. Everything is problematic, including this post. As a white, straight, able-bodied, cisgender woman, I have huge blind spots, and I am privileged. And I am part of the problem.” Everything I Love is Problematic (The Mary Sue)
  • “We’re constantly translating and interpreting, even when we speak the same language, even when we hear the same information at the same time (even after it’s been written and published!)—our real lives are very often constructed on misunderstanding: misunderstandings become the basis of our truths.” — In Memoir Writing, Misunderstanding is a Matter of Course (Biographile) (this one’s for Beth)
  • “I read for fun, you know? I can’t handle the read-cuz-you-PROMISED-kind-of-reading, sadly.”Dear Author, in which Care truthfully and kindly explains why she can’t possibly accept the book offered for review
And here’s a bonus link right back here–take The Book Nerd Quiz! Happy Friday!

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  1. Hey! I just got notice of this post today (Dec 21!) sorry I missed it ‘on time’ and THANKS for the Linky-Love.