Show and Tell Sunday: Back From a Bye Week

Well, hello there! It’s nice to be back after a not-entirely-accidental week off that I didn’t tell you was coming.

Mid-month tends to be the busiest time at my day job, and during October, it was compounded by a couple of staff departures, transistions, training, and a hiring process. Reading and blogging understandably fell behind with all of that going on, although I did get a couple of reviews for next month submitted to Shelf Awareness.

photo collage Jimmy Buffett Workin'n'Playin' Tour Hollywood Bowl October 2015
Parrotheads in Hollywood

Normally, I at least keep up the reading end of things with audiobooks, but I only went into the office two days last week, which cut deeply into my commuting/listening time. I took a couple of days off for a routine medical procedure–all turned out well and I won’t go into details, but those of you who’ve passed your 50th can probably guess what it was–and worked from home on Thursday because we had plans that evening.

Wednesday was Paul’s and my ninth wedding anniversary, and we celebrated it on Thursday night with Jimmy Buffett and the Coral Reefer Band at the Hollywood Bowl. We had both seen him before, but not together, and thanks to a gift of tickets from my mother-in-law, that’s been remedied. A very good time was had by all!

Walk to End Alzheimers Thousand Oaks CA October 2015
The Lantos girls and their guys Walk to End Alzheimer’s

After missing last year, my sister and I gathered our gang together on Saturday to participate in the annual Walk to End Alzheimer’s. My fundraising page is still active, and it’s not too late to donate if you’re so inclined! My last post about the Walk and why it matters to me includes links to previous writing on the topic.

After all of that busy-ness, the remainder of the weekend looks to be a quiet one at home, getting a couple of posts ready for the week, hopefully doing some reading, maybe watching a movie, and possibly taking a nap.

books and audiobooks reading October 25
Current reading: two for the Shelf, and one for me

I just noticed that my 100th post of 2015 will go up this week, which puts me well behind my pace of the last couple of years. I know I’d been feeling like my blogging was off this year, but the numbers definitely back that up. However, one good thing about having a solid 8.5 years of blogging behind me is that I don’t worry all that much about maintaining a blogging pace anymore–the numbers back that up too. I’m looking forward to one of my favorite reading/blogging events. Nonfiction November, to help push me through the next month.

What are you up to this week, and what are you looking forward to?

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