The Survey: September 13 Late(r) Edition

The Survey, a weekend recap 9/13/2015



I’m still making my way through The Witches: Salem, 1692 (galley, pub date October 27) in print; it’s interesting, but between the profusion of characters to keep straight and the book’s small font, it’s not going quickly. (Speaking of the challenges of tiny print, I’ll be getting my new contact lenses at the end of the week, and I hope they’ll make tiny print less challenging.)
I don’t have any books out from the library right now. I finished both Station Eleven (audio) and Everybody Rise (ebook) last week. I’m supposedly next in line for Mission High on audio, so I’m catching up on podcasts rather than starting a new audiobook in my Audible app; also, podcasts are a good palate cleanser, and Station Eleven gave me a bit of a book hangover.

Since both my print and audio reading will be nonfiction in the short term, my ebook read, Luckiest Girl Alive, is providing good counter-programming.


I’m working on writing up my thoughts on Station Eleven,, but I may not get too much other writing done for the rest of September–there are a bunch of meetings coming up at work to prepare for the annual budget process. Last week’s posts here were all TV, all the time, as I finally got my recaps of my Freaks and Geeks rewatch done, but the next couple of weeks are set to be book talk, thanks to reviews that were already written (and, in some cases, published elsewhere).


As far as TV is concerned, it’s almost fall, and new TV episodes are almost here! (Doctor Who is back this Saturday, for starters.) In the meantime, before the DVR starts filling up again, we’ve been watching House of Cards on Netflix; I think we have a good shot at finishing the first season this week, but we may hold off on starting the second until the fall shows go on mid-season hiatus.


Via Beth Kephart, a question those of us who render our opinions publicly should keep asking ourselves: is everyone qualified to be a critic?
“In the past few years, I have given up the belief that my real life will happen ‘someday.’ This is it….The story of how I got here is now just that, a story. Trying to look too far into the future is pointless because I have learned that I have absolutely no idea how this is all going to go down.”
–Lisa Page Rosenberg at 51, reflecting on “My Real Midlife” at Smacksy

culling the unread books via Beth Fish Reads
To keep or not to keep? A chart to culling unread books
Candace shares her process for fine-tuning one’s personal library at Beth Fish Reads

And there’s still time to sign up for next weekend’s Fall Bloggiesta if you need an excuse to do some fine-tuning on your blog!

I’m off to some more writing, and hopefully some reading, this afternoon. As I said earlier, the week ahead probably won’t offer a lot of time for either. What’s ahead for you?

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