A Photo Essay: Library Aide for an Afternoon

When she sent me the text, she really didn’t think I’d take her up on it.

My sister Teresa is the librarian at the elementary school both of my nephews attended. School started in mid-August, but the library didn’t open for the students right away. She’s been getting it ready for them to start using it this Tuesday, and one of the last tasks she had left was to prepare nearly 100 donated books for the circulation shelves. She had entered them all into the catalog and printed the barcodes, but they needed the appropriate labels and stamps to be applied. I spent most of Saturday afternoon helping her get that done.
We were a little assembly line. She stamped each book with the school’s name and address, applied a barcode to the front cover, and added additional labels to the title page and spine if the book was an Accelerated Reader.
Then she passed the book to me. My tasks were to apply a second barcode to the inside back cover, place the call-number label (Dewey Decimal System!) on the spine, and ensure that all of the external labels were sealed properly in place. 
Picture books, chapter books, storybooks, history books, science books, silly books–Teresa’s library at Hollow Hills Elementary serves students from kindergarten through sixth grade, and I think we’ve got something here for everyone!
I’m rarely bored or have nothing to do, but I didn’t have anything I had to do on Saturday afternoon, and I’m glad I spent it helping and hanging out with my sister and her books. I’m planning to spend some time today and tomorrow with my own books. What are you planning for this weekend?

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  1. I agree with Kathy – what a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon: good company enjoying good books.