Sunday Slowdown, The Monday “Excuses” Edition

I didn’t plan on disappearing for a week, y’all, I swear.

OK, I did spend two weekends in the Middle Ages…

RenFaire dress-up 2015
The book in the photo on the right is hollow, for carrying things.

…but that’s the most playtime I expect to have for a few weeks.

I am reading, and at a pretty good clip, but my pacing is a little out of whack, and I’m officially several reviews behind, which drives me crazy.
I’ve finished four books over the last couple of weeks, including one this weekend. The print books are galleys that will be reviewed elsewhere before I can post about them here, but I have to write about them before I write about the audiobooks and other books I’ve been reading for myself, and I’m hard-pressed to make time for writing much at all lately.

Sunday Slowdown The 3 Rs BlogI can usually justify squeezing writing time into my workday, but the next several weeks won’t offer me many opportunities for that between my regular responsibilities and the final push to complete the agency’s annual audit, and our weekends recently have just been…well, full, and May will be starting out in similar fashion.

This all makes me feel a little better about not going to New York for BEA
next month, oddly enough–it would be just one more thing to prepare for right now, and although I’ll miss all the action and excitement, I don’t really need the pressure. Instead of heading to the Northeast during that last week of May, Paul and I are going up to the Northwest for a week’s vacation in Seattle. I cannot tell you how ready I will be for that!

In the meantime, I will be here less regularly than usual, and I’ll probably be making the rounds even less regularly than that–basically, the “slowdown” will be apply to more days than Sundays for the time being, but I’ll see you when I can. Tell me what’s going on with you!

The (Mostly) Weekly Winchester

A freshly groomed good-looking dog
On the way home from the groomer, Winchester is looking good!

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