Sunday Slowdown: Watch This Space…

The following conversation took place on Twitter this past Thursday. The results of it will be made public in the very near future, so please follow the people involved to make sure you see what comes next. (Yes, this is one of those annoying announcements that an announcement is coming.)

I really wasn’t looking for a new project–especially not now–but I am very pleased that the Book Blogger Buddy System is getting the chance at a second life, and I’m looking forward to sharing the details with you soon!

The Sunday Slowdown on The 3 Rs Blog

As for life in general…well, I guarantee you that my family is not sorry that February is over! Paul is starting March free of the vacuum drain tube and with a closed wound on his left arm. He’ll have those stitches out in another few weeks, and after that, the only remnants of the melanoma story should be a scar and semiannual skin checks from his dermatologist. And we have our fingers crossed that Kate will be discharged from the hospital this week! Her test results have been looking good, and if that holds, she may be cleared to continue treatment as an outpatient. These are all great gifts for Birthday Month!

The Weekly Winchester

Texted to Kate this week: two photos at the park, and two in the living room
The Weekly Winchester: the dog at home and out, February 23-28

It’s supposed to rain on and off today, and I am hoping for a lazy day of reading, relaxing, and maybe a little writing…or napping. What do you have planned for this Sunday?

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