Sunday Slowdown: Saving Time with Bullet Points

The "Sunday Slowdown" at The 3 Rs Blog

This is the first day of Daylight Savings Time, which means no one will really know what time it is all day–we just know we have an hour less of it to do anything. Therefore, I’m going to speed through a few bullet points before I slow down for (most of) the rest of this Sunday.

  • I’m happy to tell you one thing we’re not doing this Sunday: going to visit the hospital. Kate’s leukemia is officially in remission, and she was discharged on Wednesday! It’s not all over yet, of course. She will be continuing chemo as an outpatient for some period of time–we don’t yet know how long–but now the goal is holding the gains and holding off a relapse. We’re optimistic, since she’s done so well so far.
  • I finished two books this week, but I’m not sure I feel like writing up my thoughts on either of them just yet. I will do that, but I may want to get to reading something new today. The #flashreadathon is still going on, all weekend long.
  • This blog will be 8 years old one week from tomorrow. I don’t really have any big festivities planned for the occasion, but I think I’ll be taking a little break between now and then…and maybe I’ll find some celebration inspiration in the meantime. Or maybe not, and we’ll just get back to business as usual. 
  • On that note, I have a little early blogiversary gift to share with you, if you’d like it–please help yourself to this blog graphic that defines the Book Blogger Paradox.
The book blogger's paradox

The Weekly Winchester

Winchester went for a grooming yesterday, and came home wearing this cute little spring bandana. That lasted maybe ten minutes.
Winchester's spring outfit (for photos only)
What are you up to on this late-starting, hour-shorter Sunday?

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