Sunday Slowdown: Bloggiesta (and Birthday!) Week

The Sunday Slowdown on The 3 Rs Blog

I’d like to say a hearty “thank you!” to everyone who stopped by to comment on my Sunday-on-Monday Blogiversary post! I have no idea whether there are another eight years left in this thing…but then again, I had no idea when I started that there would be eight years of this thing to begin with, let alone that they’d be such fulfilling ones. I know that now, of course, but I’m taking it one year at a time. (On a related note, my Tiny Triumph of the week is reporting that the Blogiversary post officially brought Bryan back into the book-blogger fold.)

In the spirit of “taking it one year at a time,” it seems fitting to dedicate some time to blog maintenance and improvements at the start of a new year. The first-ever week-long Bloggiesta begins tomorrow and runs all the way through Birthday Weekend! The timing is right all the way around, but I may not get to some of my tasks until later in the week; I’m taking a four-day weekend, starting on Friday, for the aforementioned birthday.

Spring 2015 Bloggiesta March 23-29

Bloggiesta To-Do List, (mostly) in order of priority

  • Back up the blog and the current template files (I do this semi-regularly, but I’ve missed a couple of months)
  • Catch up on writing book reviews, as I’m about three books behind right now
  • Update Review Archive spreadsheet (doesn’t include 2015 at all yet!), Reading Tracker, and LibraryThing catalog
  • Format drafts and create graphics for reviews of the books I’m currently reading, and the ones I plan to start next
  • Go through links I’ve saved as potential blog fodder, and
  • Purge the links that are outdated and/or no longer inspiring me
  • Start outlining/drafting posts related to links that still intrigue me, and/or put together a link-roundup post to share them
  • Check out the Mini-Challenges for this Bloggiesta for other ideas
  • Develop action plan and timeline for migrating the blog to self-hosted WordPress (because I’m tired of yapping about it and need to start making it happen!)
It’s a longish list, and it may turn out to overly ambitious, but you can’t deviate from a plan unless you have one to begin with, right? 
A Day in the Life Blogger Event, March 27
I have one other project that I’m not including in the Bloggiesta list: preparing for Trish’s “A Day in the Life” Blogger Event this coming Friday, March 27 by tracking one of the days in my life this week. 
fortune cookie advice about writing a bookOne more thing that happens tomorrow: my dad turns 86 years old! The family went out last night to celebrate at P.F. Chang’s, and I got this bit of advice from my fortune cookie. Several friends on Facebook and Instagram have agreed. What do y’all think? (It’s OK if you say no.)

The Weekly Winchester, special meme edition

I took a photo of the dog last weekend that just begged to be memed. I did it twice, and I’d love some more suggestions–if you have any, leave them in comments! You are also more than welcome to use these for your own purposes, and let me know if you’d like the original photo to create a meme of your own. This is all in service to the cause of Winchester’s eventual world domination.

Winchester memes The Princess Bride: "You keep using those words"
Winchester meme: I'm Totally Judging You #JudgeDog

This post is going up a bit late on Sunday, and I anticipate spending the rest of the day on reading, errand-running, and cooking. It’s possible all or none of those things will happen. What’s up with you this weekend?

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