Sunday Slowdown: Birthdays and Other Days

Sunday Slowdown 3-29-2015
Today is the last day of Spring Bloggiesta, and almost everything on my to-do list remains yet to be done.
Today is also my birthday, and Paul says we can do whatever I want. Since I gave myself a four-day Birthday Weekend and won’t go back to work until Tuesday, I am also giving myself a one-day Bloggiesta extension. I still need to get those reviews written, but I’m not sure that’s what I want to do today. Other than a birthday dinner at Geppino’s Sicilian Kitchen, I really haven’t decided that there’s anything in particular I want to do today!

"book tree" tote bag
This cute “book tree” tote was a birthday gift from my sister. It’s like she knows me!

I had plans to work on my Bloggiesta tasks on Friday, but was diverted by Trish’s “Day in the Life” Blogger Event. I’m not sure when I last read so many blog posts on the day they went up, and I have no idea when I last commented so actively! (That probably means it’s been way too long, doesn’t it?) I really enjoyed getting to know some of my friends better through their accounts of an ordinary day. These are some of the things I learned:

  • There are other people who also get up at 5 AM, and some are up even earlier.
  • There are people who have commutes way better than mine (and some who have it worse).
  • Most people still eat breakfast—oatmeal and toast are very popular, and I’m thinking it may be time to go back to yogurt in the morning.
  • I knew this already, but it was strongly reinforced: I envy people who actually do get to do blogging, social media, and writing for work, not just at work.

The Weekly Winchester

I memed the dog again. I think this is his opinion of my doing do.
Winchester Disapproves
What in particular have you decided to do this Sunday?

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