Announcing The Book Blogger Buddy System 2.0!

2015 got off to a rocky start in the book blogosphere. There’s been some real negative energy, and our sense of community feels a little shaky. I’m excited to be part of a group of veteran bloggers responding to this challenging climate by re-launching the Book Blogger Buddy System.

The Book Blogger Buddy System is on Tumblr

The Book Blogger Buddy System, as originally launched in October 2012, was designed to foster direct connections and mutually supportive relationships between bloggers by playing “matchmaker” between pairs of bloggers with compatible interests, Buddy System 2.0 wants to bring that back, with a focus on creating mentor/protege matches between more- and less-experienced bloggers.

The Book Blogger Buddy System’s new home on Tumblr reflects a new emphasis on sharing experience and expertise. It’s a Q&A forum where you can submit questions about any and all aspects of book blogging–critical, technical, social, ethical–and get thoughtful, knowledgeable answers and advice. We hope it will be a place where newer bloggers can find guidance from blogging vets, and where vets can trade information with each other. The matchup form is live and linked at the Tumblr, too. Please submit your info if you’re interested in a match–and once you’ve done that, please be patient! It may be a little while before we move ahead with that phase.
It’s fitting that the Book Blogger Buddy System is launching as a group project this time around. This is the team behind the Tumblr:
Florinda, The 3 R’s Blog
Teresa. Shelf Love

Come visit the Book Blogger Buddy System. Check out our mission statement, and bring your blogging questions (and answers)!

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