A(n Otherwise Unmemorable) Day In My Life

"A Day in the Life" Blogger Event, hosted at Love, Laughter. and a Touch of Insanity

 Today’s the day that some of us are taking Trish up on her invitation to share A Day in the Life. I’m reporting on the events. such as they were, of Monday, March 23, 2015.

I had an amazing case of Sunday-night insomnia; I don’t think I slept more than 3 hours total all night, but since I got in some solid reading time after I gave up on sleep and got out of bed, it wasn’t completely useless.

Despite the wakeful night, I am officially up at my normal weekday time of 5 AM–this is necessary in order to get through Greater LA traffic and get to work by 8. I’ve showered, dressed, fed myself and Winchester breakfast (not the same breakfast), and am ready to get in the car by 6:30. I detour a little from my usual commute route to drop Spencer off at school (he’s not usually with us on Sunday evenings), but traffic is surprisingly not horrible, and I’m at work almost on time. (I’m salaried, so this does not actually matter to anyone but me.)

the desktop on my desk at my office
This makes every day Take Your Dog to Work Day.

Although productivity experts advise against starting your day with email, I do it anyway; I catch up on my work, blog, and general Gmail inboxes first thing in the office. (I also discover that my employer seems to have, once again, blocked Twitter access. I’ve expected it to happen for a while, to be honest, but am bummed that it’s happened on the day that Bloggiesta Twitter chats are starting.) (NEXT DAY UPDATE: Either the block was removed or it was some other glitch, because Tweetdeck works again!)

I don’t have meetings today, and I’m working on assorted projects: reconciling the agency’s investment portfolio statement from last month, preparing my portion of a contract proposal that will be submitted at the end of this week, and reviewing bills and deposits to ensure they are recorded on the correct accounts. (Now you know why I blog about reading instead of accounting.)

I take my lunch break at 1:00; I prefer to take it as late as possible, so I have less of the workday left afterward. I stay at my desk to eat the lunch I brought from home (an even less advisable practice than starting the day with email) and read some blogs while I eat.

At 3 PM, I realize that I haven’t yet called my dad to wish him a happy 86th birthday, so I remedy that. We had his family birthday dinner this past weekend, but that doesn’t get me off the hook from speaking with him on the day itself! He’s had a busy day and is going out with friends tonight–it sounds like he’s getting plenty of attention, which is usually what he wants most.

Stitch Fix #2, received 3/23/2015
Stitch Fix #2: two blouses, a blazer, a skirt, and a dress

The afternoon drive isn’t terrible either–hard to believe this is Monday!–and I’m home at around 5:15. There’s a package in the mailbox–it’s my second Stitch Fix (this is my referral link), and I like everything they sent me this time. (Paul likes nearly all of it too, but none of it would fit him.)

Paul has taken Winchester for a walk by the time I get home, and after catching each other up on our days, we settle down with a simple dinner (leftover pasta for me) and some of last week’s TV on the DVR–tonight, it’s Arrow and Broadchurch
Words With Friends (not werewolves)We are not night owls. After we turn off the TV, we take Winchester out one last time for the night, and then we all head up to bed. I play Words With Friends and then read a bit before I turn my light out a little after 10 PM, hoping to sleep better than I did the night before. (NEXT DAY UPDATE: mission accomplished–sleep achieved!)

Sleepy Winchester
“Put the camera down, Mom. It’s time to go to sleep.”
Hope you’re having a good day today! 

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