The Sunday Slowdown: Everyone Is Tired

We all really need a slow Sunday; I wouldn’t be surprised if all of us make time for naps today, around whatever else happens.

The Sunday Slowdown on The 3 Rs Blog: recapping the week past and looking at the week ahead

Reading, ‘Riting, and the Rest of it…

I am reading and working on a Shelf Awareness review today, the break in between two very busy weeks at my “real” job. Spencer has a lot of schoolwork, and Paul just needs some resting and unwinding time. His healing process post-melanoma surgery is going more slowly than we expected, and the last few days have been especially frustrating on that front for him.

And we’ll probably have some TV time, too. On that note, two of the highlights of my winter TV viewing will go out the week, and I am sorry to have to say goodbye to both Parks and Recreation and Agent Carter as of Tuesday. (We DVR both shows, though, so we may be able to prolong them just a tad longer.)

Kate is continuing to respond well to her cancer treatment; the blood counts look good, and her spinal fluid is clear of leukemia cells. I learned from my reading of The Emperor of All Maladies this week that leukemia cells can “lurk” in the brain even after they have been cleared from the blood; since the brain can’t be tested directly, the spinal fluid acts as a surrogate…and it had good news!

The “biography of cancer” is actually an ideal audiobook for me to be reading right now, but I think my next one will be a lighter choice. I bought Nick Hornby’s newest, Funny Girl, earlier this month, and learned a few days after I got it that the Pop Culture Happy Hour podcast is doing a “book club” show with it some time in March. I’d like to have read at least some of it before that happens.

I’ve given myself a little pass to do a partial “mark all as read” and clear older posts from my feed reader at the beginning of each week–it helps, and I’m sure I’ll find out some of what I’ve missed via the blog posts I do get to read. (I don’t think I’ll be writing many of them this week myself.)

The Weekly Winchester

This week’s picks of the daily dog pics I’ve been texting to Kate:

Weekly Winchester dog photo collage on The 3 Rs Blog

 What’s going on with you today?

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