Sunday Slowdown…with an extra slow day

"Sunday Slowdown" at The 3 Rs Blog: looking back and planning ahead

I finished two books yesterday, within three hours of each other. I was so close to the end of the audiobook Unbroken when I got home from work on Friday that I listened to it while driving around on my Saturday errands, which I very rarely do. And I got a late start on those errands because I stayed home in the morning to finish Blue Stars. I’ll be working on my writeups of both books over the rest of this three-day weekend–when I’m not at the movies, or reading another book (or some blogs), or just out appreciating some brochure-beautiful Southern California weather.

I’ve got three books that look good for March review assignments, and if time permits I actually want to try to get through all three. I’m reading Meg Wolitzer’s YA novel Belzhar on the iPad right now, and will probably take a few days off for podcasts before I decide on my next audiobook.

Backtracking to my mention of movies, Tall Paul and I have decided that we are interested in seeing these Best Picture Oscar nominees in the following order:

The Imitation Game
The Grand Budapest Hotel (which we may have to find streaming somewhere, unless the award nominations prompt a theatrical re-release)
American Sniper

and less interested in seeing these nominees at all…but if we did, I would rank them as follows:

The Theory of Everything

On television, I am so enjoying Agent Carter and will be sorry when it ends its limited run…but if rumors that it’ll come back next year are accurate, that will take some of the sting out.

Sadly, Parks and Recreation really will not be coming back after this winter’s thirteen episodes are done. Some critics have remarked that it’s bittersweet to think that in 2017, when the time-jumped final season takes place, the show will have been over for two years. So far, it looks like it’ll be a good farewell tour, but I will miss just about everything about this comedy when it’s gone.

That said, my true season of TV mourning will start on April 5, when Mad Men begins airing its last seven episodes.

I know I said I was going to make link roundups into posts of their own instead of including them in the Sunday update–I did that twice last week. However, these two are connected to reading and to each other, so I’m sharing them here today. (My blog, my rules to break.)

  • Book Riot has begun assembling a Reading Diversely FAQ; Part 1 discusses why reading diversely is important, how it doesn’t have to mean sacrificing good stories, and whether it’s racist to pay attention to authors’ race. 
  • At Estella’s Revenge, Andi notes some of the pitfalls in tracking efforts to read diversely–starting with how the reader defines “diverse reading.”

I’m not participating in this weekend’s Mini-Bloggiesta, but I did clip the mini-challenges for reference–there are a couple I want to explore, later on. What are you up to this weekend?

The Weekly Winchester

dog on the hearth at The 3 Rs Blog
I used an Aviary filter called “Fireplace” on this photo. It seemed appropriate.

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