Sunday Slowdown: Rainy Reading

"Sunday Slowdown" on The 3 Rs Blog

My sister and I spotted a couple of snails on her front walk Saturday morning as we were leaving to go get coffee. It was a drizzly day, and that does tend to bring them out. They’re not the most photogenic critters, but they do keep still enough to be photographed pretty easily…and so I decided to make one of them my mascot today. I’m considering re-christening this weekly update as the “Sunday Slowdown”–since that’s really what I’m doing here, slowing down to take stock of the week–and a snail seems like the perfect emblem for that, doesn’t it?

As a former book monogamist, it’s odd to note that it now feels like slow reading when I’m only reading one book at a time. I have two books going right now, and it’s my favorite combination: one print, one audio; one fiction, one nonfiction; and one theme both books share. I should be finishing Emily Gray Tedrowe’s novel Blue Stars (a galley from Shelf Awareness, publication date February 17), about two military families with members wounded in Iraq, later this week. I’m almost halfway through the audiobook of Unbroken, Laura Hillenbrand’s biography of World War II hero (and Olympic runner) Louis Zamperini and may finish it this week as well, unless I decide I need to break it up with some silly TV-related podcasts. It’s a pretty intense story.

I’ve also managed to get in a lot of blog-reading this week–and I have no idea how long it’ll last, but I’m savoring it for now! I’ve even left comments in a few places(!), and I’ve saved a bunch of links–mostly about blogging, in one way or another. As I mentioned last week, I’m looking at bringing back the link roundup in some form, and I think the first edition is going to be a “blogging about blogging” collection. (Or two.) I have a weakness for both thinking and talking about that sort of thing, as you may already know all too well.

I’m probably at least a week away from posting my first book review of 2015, but I’ve recapped my 2014 Books of the Year and reading charts, so at least the slate is clean! What are you reading today?

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