Sunday Salon: New Year, Not-so-New Agenda

The Sunday Salon at The 3 Rs Blog, updated for January 4, 2015

What I’m reading

My first book of 2015 is the same as my last book of 2014, a February Shelf Awareness galley. I’m off to a slow start on my reading year, and for the most part, it’s on purpose.

Since my work schedule is back to normal this week (sigh), I plan to start my first audiobook of 2015. I think it’ll be Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand; the print edition has been languishing in long-term TBR, I don’t plan to see the movie, and the audio is narrated by Edward Herrmann—you may know him as Rory Gilmore’s grandfather, Richard—who passed away just a few days ago.

What I’m watching

For a few days this week, our DVR had 100% of its space available. We had watched everything we recorded. That’s about to change now that the holiday hiatus in ending. We’re excited about the premiere of Agent Carter this week, but most of the what we’re looking forward are returning shows: Archer, Parks and Recreation (mixed emotions about this one, since these will be the final episodes), and the continuing seasons of our various superhero soap operas and Supernatural. I have to wait till March for Broadchurch’s second season to start on BBC America, but I never mind waiting for David Tennant to show up on my TV.

We went to see The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies on New Year’s Day, and the title pretty well sums up what happens for two and a half hours. I didn’t hate it—my expectations had been effectively lowered—but it’s an excellent argument for why making three films from The Hobbit was a bad idea (SPOILER: two of the three movies are more about the dwarf than the hobbit, which is a bit of a problem). We may see something else today—probably Into the Woods, but possibly The Imitation Game.

What I’m writing

My 2014 in Review posts will be going up this week, including my Books of the Year picks.

What I’m planning for the New Year

In the spirit of my Word for 2015, “Savor,”, I’m not planning to change up my reading life all that much in the New Year, as I’m mostly satisfied with how it’s been going. My not-very-ambitious ambitions on that front are:

  • stay on pace to average a book a week, any format
  • keep making specific requests from the Shelf Awareness galley lists
  • read ebooks more frequently (try for one a month)
  • read from the physical TBR (purchased books AND old galleys) (try for one a month)
  • maintain fiction/nonfiction balance

Unlike some of my book-blogging friends, I am not setting any particular reading-diversity goals, but I will try to be more attentive to those factors in my book choices.

On the blogging front, I’m planning to bring back a variation of the link roundup as a feature for another day of the week—probably Monday, but it could be Wednesday, and it may just show up when it shows up. In any case, as of today, it will be separate from my Sunday Salon posts. I’m also going to get off the fence about moving to WordPress this year…probably. I think.

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