#NonfictionNovember: An “Expert” Reader’s Guide (to TV)

Leslie is hosting Week 2 of Nonfiction November at Regular Rumination:

Be/Become/Ask the Expert: Share a list of titles that you have read on a particular topic, create a wish list of titles that you’d like to read about a particular topic, or ask your fellow Nonfiction November participants for suggestions on a particular topic.

Nonfiction November
This was a tough one for me. If “expertise” is defined as knowledge about how to do something better, I really don’t tend to seek out the kind of nonfiction that would help me develop expertise in anything. And if having broad, deep knowledge in a particular topic area is the hallmark of an expert…well, I don’t know that I have that either. What I do have is certain topical fields in which I like to read. As I mentioned in last week’s Nonfiction November post, popular culture is one of those fields. 
For a reader, I watch a lot of TV, and I like books related to television. I’m as interested in the behind-the-scenes stories as I am in the onscreen ones, and I’m drawn to both critical and cultural analysis of favorite shows and genres. Here’s a short list of TV-related books I’ve read (linked to book discussions), or have purchased with intent to read:

Speaking of Supernatural, nonfiction, and expertise, we have decided that Chester’s name is short for “Winchester,” and are starting to call him that. We’ll see if it takes. (Win)Chester is the first dog Paul and I have chosen together, but we both come to this with experience and some degree of expertise as dogparents. And just in case you didn’t get enough gratuitous photos in the shaggy-dog story I posted on Sunday, this is the official adoption picture.
(Win)Chester gets adopted, November 2014 (The 3 Rs Blog)

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