The BlogHer14 Highlight Reel, Part 2

I was at a big convention-type gathering this past weekend…and it wasn’t San Diego Comic-Con. I attended my third BlogHer Conference, after a three-year absence.

I’m doing a Storified recap of the experience, in the tradition of my BEA Highlight Reel, but I’m breaking it into two blog posts so it won’t take up quite as much space in your eyeballs, or your feed readers. (Part 1 posted yesterday.)

BlogHer14, The Personal Highlight Reel

Recapping my third (and probably last) BlogHer Conference in tweets and photos

Welcome to Part 2 of the Highlight Reel, beginning on the morning of Day 2 of BlogHer14 (coincidentally, also Day 3 of San Diego Comic-Con).

  1. Also true @ #BlogHer14! RT @billba: Yesterday I met the most elusive #SDCC celebrity of all: a good night’s sleep.
  2. Whole room is full for the morning keynote. Good job, #blogher14. Good job.
    Whole room is full for the morning keynote. Good job, #blogher14. Good job.
  3. I want to live inside @doctorparadox‘s brain for a week. Everything she knows I want to know. ALL THE SMART.#BlogHer14
  4. It’s @cyn3matic with her politically-engaged 10×10 “kid, cats, politics” education & passionate engagement with it all#BlogHer14
  5. The quiet side of #blogher14. Love the spaces in the San Jose Convention Center--great venue choice!
    The quiet side of #blogher14. Love the spaces in the San Jose Convention Center–great venue choice!
  6. After three years away from BlogHer conferences, I went back this year because it was intentionally made smaller and the agenda sounded promising. As it happened, I only attended one of those interesting-sounding breakout sessions, but I really appreciated the abundance of open space to sit, recharge (figuratively and literally–the San Jose Convention Center is pretty generous with the power outlets), converse, and take it all in. 

  7. I'm not saying for sure that it IS time to change, but I'd like to know how to know. #DeepBlogging #BlogHer14
    I’m not saying for sure that it IS time to change, but I’d like to know how to know. #DeepBlogging
  8. “Your blog is your home. Don’t let people abuse that”@melaniemiddle1 re: moderating comments after blog change#BloggingPivot #BlogHer14
  9. “Prepare yourself mentally, only respond with positivity (even if it’s difficult)” @carrieonliving on blog change #BloggingPivot#BlogHer14
  10. “Be mindful about branding–you may not be the same blogger years later” @melaniemiddle1 #BloggingPivot #BlogHer14
  11. The mid-day keynote in the Grand Ballroom was NOT a quiet space, and was my last official event at BlogHer14. Since I don’t watch Scandal, I was probably not as excited about Kerry Washington’s presence as some were, but I enjoyed her onstage conversation with Demetria Lucas, which followed the debut of the all-mom band The Mrs.–their lively single “I’m Enough” was the weekend’s anthem.

  12. So awesome to have @TheMrsBand's new single launched at #BlogHer14! #ImEnough ~Melisa
    So awesome to have @TheMrsBand‘s new single launched at#BlogHer14#ImEnough ~Melisa
  13. Happening RIGHT NOW in the Grand Ballroom at #BlogHer14: @abelleinbk interviews @KerryWashington!! ~Melisa
    Happening RIGHT NOW in the Grand Ballroom at #BlogHer14:@abelleinbk interviews @KerryWashington!! ~Melisa
  14. “I don’t weigh myself because there’s never a good answer on the scale.” @kerrywashington makes analogy to negative social media#BlogHer14
  15. Remember when we were all at #BlogHer14 and @KerryWashington did a selfie with us during her keynote? Good times sigh. ~Melisa #Regram
    Remember when we were all at #BlogHer14 and @KerryWashingtondid a selfie with us during her keynote? Good times sigh. ~Melisa#Regram
  16. Every human being has value. Everyone has a story worth telling. (The epitome of being a blogger!) @kerrywashington #BlogHer14
  17. Calling all #blogher14 book bloggers and reviewers: shebooks open house at Hilton 2:30-5. Learn abt rev share and get free books to review!
  18. After the keynote, I stopped by an open-house event hosted by e-book startup and BlogHer14 sponsor Shebooks, the innovative new publisher of memoir, journalism and fiction–short e-books (10,000 words, more or less) “by women, for women.”

    I’m already on Shebooks’ monthly subscription plan (where I’ve purchased memoirs by Elizabeth Aquino, Hope Edelman, Marion Winik, and Beth Kephart) but wanted to learn about their new affiliate program, review program with NetGalley, and other ways they want to connect with book bloggers. And I won a door prize for my trouble!

  1.   Not pictured: I won one, too! RT @shebooks: Mugshots at the @shebooks open house. We love #bookbloggers. #blogher14
    Not pictured: I won one, too! RT @shebooks: Mugshots at the@shebooks open house. We love
  2. I skipped out on the closing keynote and party in order to be home in my own bed on Saturday night. I’m not sorry I went to BlogHer14, but I suspect it may be my final appearance at a BlogHer Conference; I’ll reflect on that a little more in my next (and last) post about the weekend. But I very much want to be with my tribe again at next year’s Book Expo America (May 27-29, Javits Convention Center, New York City), and I will happily join any member of the Creative AllianceAndrea, Amy, AnnBarbara, Chloe, DarryleLisa, Nichole, Sherri, Suebob, Yuliya, as well as Kim, Jane, Ilina, and everyone else who didn’t make their way to San Jose–just about anytime and anywhere.

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