What’s On in the (Sunday) Salon, 3/2/2014

What I’m reading
  • in print
As I mentioned last week, given the assorted work-related time limitations I’ll have for the next couple of months, I’m keeping my print reading focused on review commitments. This week, I need to finish Exodus, make my April choices for Shelf Awareness, and get going on a blog-tour read for the end of this month.
  • on audio
I should be done with Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell in the next day or two, and I’m utterly loving it–maybe even more than Eleanor and Park. But I may delay posting my review for a little while, since I started reading the Smart Pop Books essay collection Fic: Why Fanfiction Is Taking Over the World as a companion read in iBooks–I’m thinking there will be a “Thoughts From My Reading/A Fan(girl)’s Notes” discussion involving both, and those take more time to put together.

What I’m watching

The Academy Awards are on tonight, and one advantage to having them air live on the West Coast is that we don’t have to stay up till nearly midnight to watch them. We actually havem’t seen all that many of the big films this year, but that’s never stopped us before…

What I’m writing

This section will mostly be a placeholder until audit season is over, since I just won’t be writing much that isn’t book discussions or Sunday Salon posts. However, I do have a couple of other things in the works that are mentioned in the “What Else is New?” section below.

What caught my eye this week

“Being friendly with people is easy; being real friends is difficult. 

“When someone says, ‘Hey, we should see that movie sometime,’ I don’t know if they are just being nice or they would really like to hang out. So I say, ‘yeah! I would love that!’ and then I wait for them to set it up because I am afraid if I try to set it up, I will look like I am pressuring them to do something they maybe didn’t want to REALLY do in the first place. Maybe they were just being nice.

“So I wait for someone to make the first move, and when someone does go through with setting up legit plans with me, I get so anxious that half the time I end up cancelling because I am so paranoid and overwhelmed that I will be a complete letdown.”

–“Unfriendable” (Katie on Sluiter Nation)

“But sometimes, it’s the ‘smallness’ that allows the blog to be a great thing. Contrary to how we often feel as bloggers, ‘smallness’ isn’t always a bad thing; it might be the thing that makes us great. (Not necessarily big, but big doesn’t always equal great — and vice versa.) 

“In a hunt for blog tips when I first started, I came across this advice: ‘Don’t peak too early.’ In other words, don’t try to artificially grow your blog. Let it grow steadily. Slowly. Naturally. That is the growth that will mean something long-term. That advice has stuck with me.”

–“On the Pursuit of Blogging Fame” (Katie Landryfeatured on BlogHer.com)

“I’ve pulled off a hat trick—three for three. They’re all readers. Good, really good readers. My five-year-old is reading Magic Treehouse and Ivy + Bean. My seven-year-old reads The Familiars and Roald Dahl and The Time Thief. My eldest, the nine-year-old, is reading the Star Wars books, the ones written for older teens and adults. They’re incredibly strong readers, although they do at times walk into inanimate objects. 

“People ask me all the time, ‘How do you do it? How do you get your kids to read? Mine are just not interested.’ I’ll tell you…I don’t know. 

(skip to the tips…) 

“2) Buy books. Someone once told me that growing up, her parents had said ‘no’ to toys all the time but never to books. That seems to be where we’ve landed, as well. I can’t even say ‘no’ to books for me. I cannot walk out of a bookstore without several items in hand. How in the world will I look my kids in the face if I get books and they don’t? We’re fortunate to have the means to be able to buy books, but we also get a lot out of the library. We don’t like to limit ourselves.”

–“Read Across the House” (Emily Rosenbaum)

What Else is New?

bookjourney summer-cation blog hop
Sheila–who comes up with the most fun ideas!–is hosting a “Summer-cation Weekend Blog Hop” this coming weekend (March 7-9) to help shake off the blues of this LONG winter. I’ve signed up to post about something summery on Friday, so I need to start thinking about what to write. (This would not be the time to post some of those photos from the snow at Mammoth Mountain, even though they were taken in June…)
bloggiesta spring 2014
Mini-Challenge Hosts are needed for the Spring edition of Bloggiesta. There are some suggestions posted at that link; go and see what you might like to do, and let the hosts know! I’m signing up for one, but am not yet sure what it’ll be.

Gratuitous Photo of the Week
IT RAINED IN SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA. (Yes, this qualifies as news.)

rainy weekend collage

What’s on with you this weekend?

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