Spring Blog Tune-up: Little Projects for Bloggiesta

Spring Bloggiesta is happening during Birthday Weekend, which means two contradictory things:
  • I have some time off to spend on blog maintenance
  • I have some time off for my birthday and I don’t want to spend a lot of it on blogging-related stuff
I’m resolving the conflict by limiting my Bloggiesta projects to Friday, March 28, so my to-do list is an appropriately short one:
  • Update my Review Archive spreadsheet
  • Prepare templates for upcoming reviews
  • Comb the archives for possible Throwback Thursday posts, and set up a spreadsheet to schedule them
  • Evaluate my blog design and make some minor changes (sidebar items, colors, and links)…and try to restrain myself from going from minor to major!
  • Check out the Mini-Challenges and see if they suggest anything else I’d like to tackle!
On balance, it’s good timing, because I can join the fun and get a few things done…but not too much! Are you Bloggiesta-ing? What are you hoping to get done this weekend?

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One comment

  1. I so wanted to spend some of all four days working on the blog so that I didn't feel like I needed to devote two whole days to trying to get every thing done. But life gets in the way. Or you have much more fun things to do! Hope you've had a great birthday weekend!