Sunday Salon 2-9-2014: Gray & Grumpy Edition

It’s gray, damp, and California-chilly this weekend; we’ve had some sorely-needed rain during the past few days. Between the moody weather and being at the midpoint of two busy and stressful weeks–and hoping I’m not getting sick!–I’m simultaneously tired and restless, and the combination of it all has me just a little grumpy and out-of-sorts this weekend.
What I’m reading
  • in print
I’ve got three ARCs in various degrees of progress right now. Coincidence by J.W. Ironmonger is for a TLC Book Tour later this month, and the others are March review candidates for Shelf AwarenessLet’s Talk About Love is an essay collection by Carl Wilson that considers artistic taste (via Cèline Dion), and Exodus is the follow-up to Deborah Feldman’s memoir Unorthodox.
  • on audio
On the recommendation of several trusted fellow bloggers, I started Defending Jacob by William Landay this week. It’s reminding me of why, back when I read more genre fiction than I do now, l went for legal thrillers, and I’m finding they’re a very audio-friendly form. I also find I’m frequently getting annoyed with the characters in this one, but I definitely want to know what happens to them.
What I’m watching
After holding out for nearly a week, we watched the third and final Sherlock episode of Series 3, and I’m quite sad not be watching that any more. What I’m not watching, unless I come across something accidentally: the Olympics.
What I’m writing
I have notes and thoughts on the aforementioned Series 3 of a certain British detective show, and I’ll be working on pulling them into some coherent reflections as time and energy permit. Other than that, book reviews, and some journaling, this is not a big month for my wordy side.
What caught my eye this week:

“I don’t care if you like reading Shakespeare, Stephanie (Meyer), Seuss, Steele or Sakey…all I care about is that you read and enjoy reading. You don’t need to view any kind of reading as a ‘guilty pleasure.’ Because you know what? You’re far more likely to take on books and authors who challenge you if you’ve established an overall love of reading first…and continue to nurture that love by making your experience mostly fun and not a chore. You’ll make time for reading if it is enjoyable, you’ll make excuses if it isn’t.” —“A Reading Philosophy” from Jen Forbus at Jen’s Book Thoughts

Jen’s post was partially inspired by “Teddy Roosevelt’s 10 Rules for Reading” at Book Riot. Here’s Number 6, with its Rioters’ response:

“‘Books are almost as individual as friends. There is no earthly use in laying down general laws about them. Some meet the needs of one person, and some of another; and each person should beware of the booklover’s besetting sin, of what Mr. Edgar Allan Poe calls “the mad pride of intellectuality,” taking the shape of arrogant pity for the man who does not like the same kind of books.’

“There are no hard and fast rules, we all like different things, so stop bickering already. Also, don’t judge others about their book choices lest ye be judged. You know you have some book skeletons in your closet.”

What Else is New?
February book recommendations from the Nerdy Special List are up at Pop Culture Nerd. I’m excited to be contributing to that every month!
I may not make it to the Salon next week since we’ll be spending Valentine’s weekend celebrating love of all things Doctor Who at the Gallifrey One con. We’re looking forward to the fun, and the many possible Gratuitous Photo(s) of the Week(s) to come!
Gratuitous Photo of the Week
expressing motherhood show opening night 2014
Opening night of the Winter 2014 edition of Expressing Motherhood at the Lillian Theater in Hollywood, California. If you’re in the area, you still have several opportunities to see this wonderful show.
I’m planning to spend my Sunday with books, blogs, and television. What are you up to this weekend?

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