Sunday Salon: Words From Friends, in #JustOneParagraph

empty shelves
The books are packed, in about a dozen boxes. But don’t worry, I did leave a few out to read…

I’m fortunate to know some very eloquent people, and I’ve been appreciating their words this week. One friend’s reflections on acknowledging where she is in her life right now–at home with her family, but so much more than “just a mom”–are a reminder that so many of are fortunate to have the option of “opting” at all, whether it’s in or out, and that one person’s opt, at any particular time, doesn’t have to be a commentary on anyone else’s. Another friend’s reflections on the options we have in telling our own stories–sharing the insights she’s acquired over years of writing, reading, and teaching memoir, fueled by her passion for why it matters to do it right–have led to a book that’s a gift to writers, readers, teachers, and students…all of us, basically. It’s taken her sixteen books to get here, but in truth, I think this is the one that will outlive them all. Personal expression, thoughtfully and thought-provoking expressed, often inspires my own self-expression, and I’m thankful that sometimes I have the privilege to know these inspiring people personally.

Just One Paragraph

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