Longer Than #JustOneParagraph…later

midafternoon at Point Mugu

Writing these little (almost-)daily pieces has made me realize how much I miss writing longer ones. It’s been some time–I could look up just how long pretty easily, I know, but I won’t–since I wrote what I’d call a “blogger essay.” Mine have usually been prompted by such a strong desire to respond to other blogger essays on a currently hot topic that it almost becomes a compulsion, and I’ll push other things aside to get the words down, along with the links and quotes to back them up. The lack of such writing recently is a function both of not regularly reading blog posts enough to keep up with the hot topics in the first place, and not responding strongly enough to what I have read to write through it–responding in my own writing hasn’t felt important enough to take time away from something else. But I’ve read several essays lately, on subjects that I care about, that are stirring that compulsion again, and once this month of paragraphing (and moving!) is done, I hope the words–and time–will be there for me to give those pieces the longer, more thoughtful, better-referenced response I believe they deserve.

Just One Paragraph

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