Right Here, Right Now: Sunday Status 6/2/2013

Time: Saturday evening, for posting Sunday morning

Place: Home, where husband and stepson are watching Serenity (we finished Firefly last week) and I’m partially doing the same, but I’ve been more attentive to weeding nearly two weeks of posts from my “book blogs” folder. It’s crazy-hot this weekend in Simi Valley, and nice to be indoors and cool.

Eating: Nothing right now, but mentally debating dessert. Tall Paul grilled turkey burgers and corn on the cob for dinner, before we started the movie.

Drinking: Watered-down lemonade iced tea.

Reading: I have barely cracked a book this week. It’s weird–I almost never do this! My focus this week was on trying to stay current on blog-reading rather than books–and that didn’t work out so well either (see above re: “place”). But I think things just might be close to turning around…

Watching: We’re a little past halfway through the new season of Arrested Development on Netflix. I may actually blog about it once we’re done (but not before!)

Listening: I’m in between audiobooks right now, and catching up on podcasts. But I hope to make some time today to write up a review of the audio I finished a few days ago, which means I’d be able to post two timely Book Talks during Audiobook Week!

Blogging: I wasn’t able to participate in Armchair BEA as much as I wanted or planned to, as my offline week proved busier than I’d anticipated. I did post on the development and ethics discussion topics, though, and I really wanted to talk about nonfiction as a genre topic, but just couldn’t get to it. I may do that this week anyway, even though Armchair BEA is over, because I think I still want to.

Pondering: Audit Season at work is officially over this week, and our vacation starts a week from Friday–I may have time to rediscover blogging soon! What I’m pondering is just how much time I want to give to it…and whether I might just stay with this slower pace out of choice rather than necessity.

Promoting: If you were a fan of the TV-recap website Television Without Pity about a decade ago, you need to check out Previously.TV, a new project from TWoP’s founding team that reunites some of the original site’s writers to talk about TV again. I’m glad they’re back.

Enjoying: I’ll say it again–Audit Season at work is officially over this week!

Anticipating: Packing my bags for Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Maine–12 days till we get on a plane (and then hit the road!)

Gratuitous Photo of the Week, courtesy of BEA Week 2012

How’s your weekend going?

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