Wordless Wednesday: Castle and Contrast

Franklin Avenue, Los Angeles 90046  www.3rsblog.com
Neighbors: Franklin Avenue, Los Angeles, California
I’m linking up in a fantastic four-way Wordless Wednesday! Please check out today’s photos from Kim: Wordless Wednesday: Indecision; Desiree: 6 Month Baby Tradition – Wordless Wednesday; and Candice: Not My Baby Anymore.

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  • Ooh I need to go find that one. Gorgeous picture.

  • The contrast between the two neighbors is kind of sad.

    • They're across the street and about 1.5 blocks from one another. The boarded-up building is the one closer to my office. But seriously, that's Hollywood–glamour and dump all at once.

  • I love the way you contrast the two photos, Florinda. It's like they are two different world, and yet on the same street.