Sunday Salon: After BBAW, Picture Reading

This year’s edition of Book Blogger Appreciation Week–without awards, and focused on the community spirit of book blogging–seemed to be a big success! I didn’t follow the daily topics all that closely, but two of them provided me with ways into tying up a couple of posts I’ve been working on for a little while: responses to recent discussions of authenticity and <a target="_blank" href="
-enthusiastic.html”>positivity in book reviewing.

But for me, the biggest and best effect of BBAW was a sense of reconnection and renewed energy, and I’m working on a way to foster that going forward–not just for myself, but for all of us who’d like to keep it going. I hope to let y’all know more details soon–I need a little more time to piece it together, but I will say I’ve approached the hosts of our playground, The Estella Society, about presenting it there, and they liked it!

Meanwhile, here’s what I’m reading this weekend:

And here’s what I’m not–and why I always bring a book with me. Does anyone else think hair salons need a circulating library?

Enjoy your Sunday! What are you reading this weekend?

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