(Late) Sunday Salon: Book BLAH This Weekend!

The Sunday Salon

There’s a rather surprising number of book bloggers in Southern California for a region that’s only occasionally known for being particularly bookish, but (no) thanks to the traffic and sprawl, we don’t get to see each other as often as we’d like. But an out-of-town visitor is always a great excuse to get together. Thanks to the fact that Rhapsody Jill was visiting for the weekend, I got to meet up with her, Amy, Softdrink (Fizzy Jill) and Ti for a little BLAH (Bloggers’ L.A. Happening) on Saturday.

(l-r) Amy, Softdrink/Fizzy Jill, Rhapsody Jill, Ti 

We met up for refreshments in the bookstore cafe at the Americana at Brand, a charming themed outdoor mall in Glendale, and then moved on to lunch at the Cheesecake Factory (where, believe it or not, no one got dessert).

After lunch, back the the bookstore! And I didn’t leave empty-handed:

Photo originally posted to the #DailyBookPic board on Pinterest 

Coffee and lunch and a lot of bookish. bloggy conversation–Rhapsody Jill even gave us talking points (!)–are a fine way to spend part of your weekend. If you’re visiting the Greater LA Area, shoot an e-mail to your blogging friends out here–we’d be happy to see you, and each other too!

(l-r) Amy, Fizzy Jill, me, Ti 

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