BBAW 2010: Future Treasures – Blogging Goals and Going Forward

BBAW 2010:  A Treasure Chest of Infinite Books and Infinite Blogs

Friday—Future Treasures

We’ve been visiting each other and getting to know each other better…now is your chance to share what you enjoyed about BBAW and also what your blogging goals are for the next year!

I feel like I didn’t get to participate in BBAW as much this year, but I’m not sure that’s accurate. I blogged on the daily topic every day and read as many posts as I could manage, but most of those came to my via my feed reader; I didn’t get to do much blog-hopping via the daily Mr Linky. Fortunately, even with the growth in the book-blog community, many of the blogs I read regularly were also participating in BBAW! (However, if you’re not a book blogger, I probably didn’t see much of you this week – my apologies, and I’ll make it up to you next week!).

I liked all of this year’s blogging themes. Monday and Tuesday introduced me to some great new-to-me blogs. Wednesday showed me that I’m far from the only one who’s been influenced to read YA fiction thanks to book bloggers, and Thursday’s posts added some new titles to the wishlist; in addition, I liked Michelle and Danielle‘s fun “Classics Debate” on the BBAW blog that day (some food for thought!). But truthfully, I think what I enjoyed most about BBAW 2010 was keeping tabs on the action, including the award announcements, for the daily recaps I contributed to She Writes. You can find all of those here – and by the way, She Writers appreciate book bloggers too!

One of my blogging goals for the year ahead is to continue to represent for book bloggers at She Writes, and I’m trying to be more consistently active on as well (although most of what I post there shows up here first, so it’s not really “extra” blogging). That means I may just be trading some of the blogging I do here for blogging elsewhere, at least for a little while.

Speaking of goals, I find that the ones that work for me are flexible and modest ones – goals that can be assessed regularly, refined if they’re working, and amended or chucked if they don’t. I’ve tried to keep my blogging goals pretty simple and controllable, although that may not always be obvious – there are times when my blogging appears pretty darn out of control, I’m sure (especially if you have to live with me while I’m doing it!).

One thing I do need to control more effectively is the management of blog feeds in my Google Reader/Feedly. I’m pretty sure there are a lot in there that have been dormant for a while; there are also some duplicates, and others that I’m not sure are a good fit anymore. Since blog reading counts as part of “blogging” overall for me, cleaning my feed reader is definitely one of my blogging goals for the next year!

I’m thinking about cutting back on how often I show up in your feed reader, too. Convalescing with my dislocated shoulder* this summer provided me with far more reading time than I usually have, and I really enjoyed spending the extra time with books – blogging has definitely caused a cutback in that, and I don’t think I really knew how much I’d missed it! Therefore, blogging less – and reading more – is another goal for me. However, “blogging less” in my case will probably mean something like 3 or 4 posts some weeks instead of my usual 5 or 6. The problem is that if I go a few days without writing, I miss that, too.

Slow and steady growth in subscribers and comment activity are always included in my blogging goals, but since I can only affect them up to a point, I’ve learned not to get too hung up on them. I do what I can, but after that, it’s up to y’all! (If you read here often and like what you find, subscribe, and share the link with your friends! Please?) However, making major changes in my content is NOT one of my goals – this blog will continue to be primarily-but-not-exclusively about books and related matters, but there will always be other topics in the mix too.

*Turns out I may not be as healed up as I thought I was, but I’ll update y’all on that next week.

What did you enjoy most about BBAW 2010, and has that influenced your blogging goals for the next year?

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