A Vacation Story: NYC – A night on Broadway, a day at the museum

We didn’t have much planned for our Wednesday in New York City until evening…but before that, Katie needed to find some shoes. Wet hopped on the subway headed to the 34th St./Herald Square Station. These days, nearly every city has a Macy’s, but there’s really only one MACY’S. Two full city blocks, seven floors, those historic wooden escalators…and the shoes!

After our shopping trip to Macy’s, we rode back uptown, stopped at the hotel to drop off Grandma and our packages, and went back out to find some lunch – which we did, at Five Guys in the next block. Satisfied with burgers and fries, we walked a few blocks up Fifth Avenue to visit the Land of Toys, F.A.O. Schwarz. I was looking for a birthday gift for my nephew, but that was just an excuse.

Previous installments of our New York adventures are here and here.

Shoe Heaven, 7th floor!

Katie’s shoes completed this outfit
This is the Vasquez family, not the Addams Family!

That evening, we were Broadway-bound to see the new musical, The Addams Family. I didn’t find the songs particularly memorable, but the book was hilarious (and for the most part, appropriate for all ages – the ten-year-old was in stitches for most of the show), and I thought Nathan Lane and Bebe Neuwirth were perfect as Gomez and Morticia.

Thursday was our last full day in the City, and we decided to spend a Day at the Museum (of Natural History, of course!). But before we got there, we had our only real public-transit blunder of the trip. We didn’t go in the wrong direction, but we overshot our stop; it does make a difference whether you get on an express or a local! However, once you do get on the correct train (B or C), the Museum conveniently has its own stop at 81st Street. We didn’t see everything – that would take more than one day – but we made sure not to miss the Hayden Planetarium or the prehistoric critters and fossils.

Teddy Roosevelt is historic, not prehistoric

We left the museum and walked down Central Park West, looking for a cab to take Mom-in-law and the kids back to the hotel; Tall Paul and I had a couple of other places we wanted to see. They’re obligatory stops on the pilgrimage for lifelong Beatles fans like us.

We spent a little while walking around Strawberry Fields and people-watching in Central Park before getting back on the subway at the 72nd Street station, across the street from The Dakota, and returning to the hotel to pack. We had an early flight home the next day.

I’ll be back in the City soon, for BlogHer’10 – and after that, I hope it won’t be another twenty years until I visit again!

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