Programming Notes: or, the lamest excuse for a post ever

It’s been a busy week – one Ugly Project after another at work, and helping to prepare for Armchair BEA on the side. Speaking of which…115 people were signed up to participate when I last checked, and it’s still not too late to join us! all the news is now being communicated through Armchair BEA’s very own blog! I’m really enjoying being part of the team that’s bringing this event together – and making it all happen so fast!

I’m shooting for having the Week-End Review up tomorrow, which will include a couple of movie reviews if I can get them done! (I wanted to post them today, but I just didn’t get time to write them up.)

The links roundup will be taking next Friday off, though, since most of next week’s content will be related to Armchair BEA:

  • Tues. May 25th – BEA Related Posts
  • Wed. May 26th – Blogger Interviews
  • Thurs. May 27th – BEA Related Posts & Giveaways on Participating Sites
  • Friday May 28th – BBC Roundtables

After ABEA,  it’s just over two weeks till our family vacation – between that and all the Ugly Projects, I think I’ll be more than ready!

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