Week-end Review: Travels around the blogiverse this week

No big announcements or overall theme this week – just links, and the questions a couple of them spawned…

Question of the week #1: Do you share your blogging with your “real-life” family and friends? I always have, but I know they don’t always read it. Sometimes I’ve had mixed feelings about that; occasionally there’s something I’d like to work through in writing but not necessarily share with people who see me in person – and they really prefer not to hear it here first. Most of the time, though, I want them to know what’s going on here!

Question of the week #2
: Lent has begun, and even though I’m not a churchgoer these days, I’m still making my sacrifice – giving up buying books! It’s still a good exercise in discipline. Are you giving up something that matters to you from now until Easter? What is it?

Dispatches: Links of the Week

No matter what conferences you’re thinking about attending (or helping to plan!) this year, content matters…and it may not always provide what you’d like it to. Blog stats may or may not provide what you’d like them to, either

Book blog seeking new owner (which it may have found by now has already found, but the concept of taking over an established blog is still thought-provoking)
The Internet may be the “meeting ground,” but “real-life” interaction is still the proving ground for friendships

Not really looking, but finding love in unexpected places (the shopping mall?); a mother-daughter love story; a love letter I could have written, but my friend April got there first (actually, she and several others were led there by Selfish Mom)

When you live in one of the few places that’s sunny and warm in mid-February – especially this year – you may feel a little guilty about enjoying it

Life lessons from Broadway – more than just music; cooking in France – not exactly the way Julia did it

Did Lost‘s final season happen once before – in Buffy the Vampire Slayer‘s final season? (via Show Tracker, LA Times)

“What’s the Word?” via Not Always Right

Tattoo Parlor | Atlanta, GA, USA
Customer: “Yeah, I want to see about getting a tattoo. Can you guys do that?”
Me:  “Sure. Do you have something in particular in mind?”
Customer:  “I don’t know? Something pretty?”
Me: “Like a butterfly? A flower?”
Customer: “Oh, I don’t know. Maybe a word or something? Something that means something?  Do you have a book of words and what they mean?”
Me:  “You mean like…a dictionary?”

What do you have going on this weekend? We’re supposed to get more rain, which means it’s probably a good thing we were planning to stay in and do our taxes. Yay. I was invited to a party on Sunday that I’m not going to because it would mean at least four hours of driving for a three-hour event, but I will miss seeing my fellow LA Moms Bloggers!

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  1. April – I guess I'd better try to be OK with sharing Jon too, then. Sigh.

    I'll miss y'all this weekend too! Hopefully, the next get-together will be somewhere a little more centrally located.

  2. I share my blog with all my family. My parents read it and keep track of what's happening in our lives. My hubby reads it sometimes.

    Lent – we instituted a buying ban for books, movies, games, etc. I thought about giving up twitter and facebook but don't know how long that will last.

  3. Hmm, before I became a blogger it never occurred to me that anyone would try to keep their blogging life secret. Now I know people who do. One in particular had to come up with a story for her mom about how she'd met an "imaginary" friend when the friend came to visit in real life!

  4. Robin – I can see more reason to keep a blog under the radar of co-workers than off-line friends and family, but I guess it depends on what you blog about!

    I don't spend much time on Facebook. I'm trying to cut back on Twitter, but NOT giving it up!

    Jeanne – I know some non-bloggers don't get it, so that might be another reason to keep a blog under the radar. But if your online friends become part of your offline life, I can see how it would be harder to keep it quiet!

  5. I am still chuckling over the "dictionary" comment!

    In the past I have usually given up sweets for Lent – but this year I have failed to make any kind of a sacrifice.

    I share my blog with anyone who will read it 🙂 I think my husband, brother, and eldest daughter view it; others do not.

    I hope you have a wonderfully relaxing weekend!

  6. I have given up taxis for Lent. Living in the city, I sometimes take cabs a few times a day when I could easily walk or take a subway or bus. It will take some adjustment but is a sacrifice and that's the point. So . . no cabs for me for 40 days.

  7. Molly – This is my quietest weekend in a few weeks. It's nice, actually :-).

    I'm not sure how many family members and off-line friends read this blog regularly, even if they do know about it; my sister comments occasionally, and my husband may make a remark about something he's seen here, but otherwise I don't get much feedback.

    Giving up buying books for Lent is a much bigger sacrifice than giving up sweets, for me :-).

    Booksnyc – That's an interesting choice! We'll be visiting NYC in June, and I'm trying to convince my family to walk or take the train instead of using cabs while we're there. Good luck!