Week-End Review – filling you in on two weeks’ worth of linkage!

Happy Birthday to my sister Teresa, who has neither a blog nor a Twitter account – but she is spending her birthday at Disneyland!

I’ve changed the format of this post a bit – the links are at the end, so hopefully you won’t leave before you read the rest of it!

New Arrivals in my Google Reader

BlogHer.com has announced the Call for Ideas for sessions at next summer’s BlogHer’10 Conference! Do you have any to suggest? I’m mulling some over…they can be submitted until November 15!

Friday Fill-ins #148

Friday Fill-Ins

1. It was a dark and stormy night, so I curled up on the couch and hoped the power wouldn’t go out.

2. I just don’t get why some people don’t enjoy reading, so I offered to take the books myself.

3. Rushing out, I’m almost guaranteed to forget something!

4. The coyotes must be out tonight…I think I heard a howl! (We live near an open-space reserve, where our neighbors include coyotes – who occasionally roam around the neighborhood.)

5. Shhhh… I think I hear some trick-or-treaters coming!

6. I’m starving, so please give me something good to eat!

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to a workout and a quiet evening at home, tomorrow my plans include setting the clocks back and enjoying my extra hour of sleep and Sunday, I want to remember to bring the gift when I take my sister out for a birthday lunch!

Dispatches: Links of the Week(s) – two weeks’ collection for the price of one!

Friends answer the call, no matter when it comes

Is dysfunctionality in the eye of the beholder, or does everyone want to be on reality TV these days?
Speaking of dysfunctional: public schools really have MUCH bigger problems this this (but that still doesn’t exempt students from following their rules)
Speaking of schools: school-bus safety and cell phones don’t mix!
Speaking of buses: this would be one memorable ride

Manners are manners: 21st-century “mobile etiquette” isn’t all that new and different

The pay’s very good, but the working conditions…?

Grease and the dynamics of “Girl World”

This probably isn’t the last word regarding the FTC guidelines and review disclosures, but it does help clarify a lot; perhaps this will too

Customer-service horror story of the week; swine flu doesn’t have to be a horror story, says a pediatrician

My kid got them in first grade from his friend’s baseball cap – have the lice come home with your kid yet? Regarding more appealing animals: now here’s a catfight! Regarding kids and animals: why dogs really aren’t “practice” children

Destined to be classics: quotes from actual college-level essays – yes, this is what becomes of those public-school problems! Already classics: 11 favorite Monty Python routines

Does the Halloween Fairy visit your house, leaving toys in exchange for candy?

A working digital camera made from Legos? I think a couple of boys in my family just found one more thing for their Christmas lists!

The thing I did NOT need to learn this week (and you probably don’t need to either, but I had to share anyway!)

Happy Friday, and Happy Halloween!

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  1. Ooh – the boys saw the "Lego" camera…it's on the list. Thanks…I think. Thanks for the b-day wishes! T

  2. Kathy (Bermudaonion) – She gets to spend it at Disneyland, with her husband – and WITHOUT her kids. Then she gets an extra hour of sleep tomorrow night! How could she NOT have a great birthday :-)? (And she commented here after you, so hopefully she saw your good wishes!)

    Marie B – I didn't post links last week because the Readathon was coming, but I was still collecting them, so this was kind of like a purge!

    Teresa – I had your boys (and Paul's) in mind when I posted that link…Aunt Nina's always thinking about them :-D!

    Have a wonderful birthday – say hi to Mickey and them for me!

  3. Haha. Thanks for the link love, Florinda. Yes, somehow it seems we really did NOT need to know that, but hey, it made for a funny blog post. And seriously, this is my life.