Weekend Review 9/12

It’s always inspiring to find someone who really loves her job; also, inspired by Julie & Julia
SoCal Mom‘s Fall TV Preview

Hey, did you hear that they’ve re-mastered and re-issued all the Beatles’ albums? (My favorite of them all is reviewed all by itself.)

“Where Many Have Gone Before,” via Not Always Right (this one’s for Tall Paul)

Movie Theater | London, UK
Customer: “Two tickets for Star Trek, please.”
Me: “That showing has sold out, sir.”
Customer: “What! That’s impossible!”
Me: “The IMAX is very popular sir. I am afraid we don’t have any more seats until tomorrow.”
Customer: “I need to see this movie! You’re not a Star Trek fan. You wouldn’t understand! Please sell me a ticket!”
Me: “I would love to sir, but the needs of the one or the few do not outweigh the needs of the many.”
Customer: *recognizing my quote from Star Trek* “I see. I suppose I couldn’t say that sometimes the needs of the one or the few do outweigh the needs of the many?”
Me: “No sir, that would be quite illogical.”
Customer: “Hmm, you’re good.”
Me: “I must have the lobes for business.”
Customer: “Two tickets for tomorrow then, please.”
Me: “Very good, sir.”
Customer: “Live long and prosper!”

Travel can lead you to discover new bookstores!

Does reading need to “sex up” its image?

Have a great weekend, and see you on Monday for the start of Book Blogger Appreciation Week! And if you read here and aren’t a book blogger, I want you to know that I appreciate you too…and I hope you’ll stick around for the party!

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  1. Great links as always, Florinda. 🙂

    I realized the other day that a blogger I have followed since day one is no longer blogging. She didn't make an announcement, although, in hindsight, maybe it was coming for some time. She wasn't posting as much and so when a month or two would go by without a post, I just figured she was busy. Thanks for sharing Beth's post! It is a nice tribute.

  2. Magpie and Beth K – You're both welcome :-). And I'm nearly always around.

    Wendy (Literary Feline) – I suspect the bloggers who just fade away probably outnumber the ones who announce that they're quitting. It's sad, though, when one day you realize that you haven't seen a post from So-and-so in a very long time.

  3. Great week-in-review, Florinda! I added the Debutante Ball to my GR this week, too. Wait until BBAW next week, we'll be overflowing!

    And, I wouldn't be surprised if we're all a little quieter in the week or so after BBAW … better to take a little break (slow down) than burn out!

  4. Dawn – BBAW is definitely hazardous to our feed readers – in the best possible way!

    I do have a fair number of non-book-bloggers who read here, though, so I hope I can keep them interested enough to stick around during BBAW.