Weekend Review, 8-15-09

Reading, ‘riting, and time…and music – that’s what I was talking about on other blogs this week. If you didn’t stop in and visit, I hope you’ll get the chance to go this weekend!

Dispatches from across the blogiverse

The (polite) battle to preserve manners and considerate behavior, and the bad examples that make it an ongoing battle

Considering a few reasons to end a long-lived blog…and a few other reasons to keep it going; the public-or-private decision (blogs, not schools); a typology of the “mommy blogger” shows that one size does NOT fit all

Acceptance, of a sort, of the way things are and the things you probably won’t have; the annoyance of button-pushing and “balance”

Remembering a fine four-legged friend

Two years later, it finally feels like home; this year has been the best summer ever

Inspired by a book, two moms talk about a rite of passage for themselves – and soon enough, for their daughters; inspired by excellent service, a long-term customer pays it forward

10 annoying things about being a time traveler’s wife; not quite the same type of travel, but lessons from Thailand

Back in high school, sometimes I wanted to be Chrissie Hynde…and when I didn’t want to be her (or Debbie Harry), I wanted to be Pat Benatar (second link via Dating Jesus)

Hamlet – or just plain “ham”?

If you need yet another link round-up after you finish this one…well, look over here!

Office supply ESP, via Not Always Right:

Electronics Store | Burlington, ON, Canada
Customer: “I’d like a cartridge for my printer, please.”
Me: “Yes, of course. Which one would you like?”
Customer: “The one for my printer.”
Me: “Which printer is it?”
Customer: “The one that sits on my desk.”
Me: “What type of printer is it?”
Customer: “The one that sits on my desk.”
Me: “Do you know the type or the cartridge number? Did you bring the cartridge with you?”
Customer: “No. It sits on my desk. You must know which one it is!”
Me: “I’m sorry, I don’t. All of these cartridges are for different types of printers, and I’ll need to know what type of printer you have.”
Customer: “It sits at my desk! You have to know! I bought it here last year!”
Me: “We sell hundreds of printers each year. Is it HP, Lexmark, or Epson?”
Customer: “Look, I bought it here! I need a cartridge and I want it for the printer that sits on my desk!”
Me: “I’m very sorry, ma’am, but unless you know the kind of printer you have, I can’t help you.”
Customer: “What horrible service! I’m never coming back here again!” *storms out*

Bookmarks: Reading-related reading

What novels would you nominate for the “Man Book Prize”? Have you read anything lately that seemed to be victim of genre mis-assignment?

The impending death (?) of “shoe fiction” (ah, now I know how to characterize the subset of “chick lit” I prefer NOT to read!)

How does your literary diet stack up? Check out Nat’s “food pyramid” of book genres. (I’m a semi-Atkins reader, I guess – the later stages where you’re allowed some carbs.)

Why visiting bookstores is good for your health (via Shelf Awareness)

Enjoy your weekend!

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  1. Loved your 'Reading,'Riting, and Time post over on Wendy's blog. Glad you linked to it today or I might have missed it (since *ahem* despite my best efforts, it is so hard to keep up with all the blogs I'm trying to follow!). What you wrote is an accurate depiction of my life! LOL. I have a terrible time of balancing my time out, especially since I've been a part of the blogosphere. It seems now that I want to read more than ever and have less time than ever to do it, but then I don't want to give up anything. Well, except my time suck of a job, but the bills have to get paid somehow, no?

    I admire all these fine folks who seem to be able to work, blog, read 100 books in a year, comment on others' blogs daily, and even sustain relationships with a variety of humans that they haven't met via the glow of their computer monitors. I desperately want to know where they get the time and the energy and whether they'd be willing to share a little with me!

  2. Megan – Thanks for visiting my guest post at Wendy's blog! One reason it seemed like a good topic is that I thought a lot of people – especially people of the book-blogging variety – could relate to it pretty well :-).