Shufflin’ over to Music Savvy Mom!

One of my blog categories here is “pop culture: music” because I’m just the slightest bit addicted to it. I used to post random lists of songs from my iPod regularly, and I like responding to music-related prompts I find on other blogs (although I was at a loss for last week’s Weekly Geeks topic: songs that remind you of books). I’m responding to one of those prompts at another blog today.

Susan Helene Gottfried of West of Mars tipped me off to Music Savvy Mom a few weeks ago, and it’s a fun place to hang out, talk about music, and check out playlists. I felt comfortable right away, left a comment on my first visit, and then followed on Twitter – and that’s how I met Chief DJ and Program Director Ri.

Part of Ri’s programming strategy is soliciting ten-song “shuffles” from readers, which she builds into a post and a playlist. The aforementioned Susan was a guest DJ recently, as were author Alison Winn Scotch and Jenny, The Bloggess.

And I am today’s guest DJ. Please visit Music Savvy Mom to check out my playlist, and feel free to leave a comment over there – like I said, it’s a fun place. But be warned: once Ri meets you, she just may ask you to contribute a shuffle, too!

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  1. Amy Reads – Hope you enjoyed your visit over at MSM!

    Ri – Happy to do it. Thanks so much for inviting me and being such a great hostess!

    Serena – Please do, and I hope you enjoy it!

    Susan – Same here; MSM is a staple in my Google Reader now. Thanks so much for introducing us :-).

  2. That's cool. I'll check it out, but probably only lurk since I'm not a mom. 🙂

    That's a neat idea for a website.