The Meme Thief is back! A “blog starter,” from A to Z

My week took an unexpected turn on the Fourth of July, and so I’m falling back on a meme for today. I stole this one from anniegirl1138 – feel free to steal it yourself and keep it going! Tomorrow may be a day off from blogging – it depends on how things go today.

A – Age: I’m 45, halfway to fifty (duh). I’m too young to have a child who will be 25 this week (but I do anyway), and much too young for him to make me a grandmother – so that had better be a few years off! I’m too old to be very interested in my 9-year-old stepson’s Pokemon games, and old enough to remember when some of today’s fashions were first popular – back when I was in high school, like my 14-year-old stepdaughter is now, which means I’m too old to wear them again (in more ways than one). I’m old enough to have learned a few things, and young enough to feel like there’s still a lot ahead of me.

B – Band listening to right now: The sounds of silence. Seriously, it’s very quiet around here right now; we’re not listening to anything except the sounds around the house.

C – Career future: 
Unless I make a dramatic change – or one is forced on me – I’ll probably stay in a holding pattern. I’m not all that ambitious to do what I do somewhere other than where I currently do it, and it would take a major change of circumstances to give me the freedom to explore something else.

D – Dad’s name: Edward, who celebrated his 80th birthday just a few months ago.

E – Easiest person to talk to:  
In general, Tall Paul, and that’s a very good thing in a spouse. On some topics, it’s my sister. on others, I’m more comfortable writing than talking about them, which is why I love having this blog and all of you who take the time to read it!

F – Favorite song:  
Who the heck can pick just one? I might have a couple of new favorites at any given time, but some of them don’t stick. On the other hand, so many have stuck – because I associate them with particular places, times, or people, or because I just love singing them – that I can’t single one out.

G – Gummy Bears or Gummy Worms:  
Neither. I’m only interested in candy if it’s chocolate.

H – Hometown:  
I grew up in Norwalk, Connecticut and St. Petersburg, Florida, but the city that feels like home to me is actually the one where my son was raised: Memphis, Tennessee.

I – Instruments:  
I had a short-lived relationship with the violin in grade school, but I mostly just sing, sometimes unaccompanied but usually with the radio or the iPod. I can usually carry a tune.

J – Job: 
I’ve been at my current one for six years, the longest of any of them, and I’m starting to feel like a lifer. I’m reasonably good at it and I like more about it than I don’t, so I’m usually OK with that, though.

K – Kids:  
One of my own, two that were part of the package deal with my second husband (see also A – Age above). There will be no more. Someday there may be grandchildren.

L – Longest car ride ever:  
Probably the road trip last summer, although I’m not sure of the total mileage. We went from California through Nevada, Utah, and Idaho, and into Wyoming for a few days at Yellowstone. On the way back, we went through Arizona to see the Grand Canyon. Before that, it was probably my one-way drive from Memphis to LA when I moved out here seven years ago.

M – Mom’s name:  
Mary Ann. As of October, it will have been ten years since she died, following seven years in a nursing home in the declining stages of early-onset Alzheimer’s. I’ve written about her here before, and as that anniversary approaches, I’m sure I will again.

N – Number of people you slept with:  
It’s in the single digits. That’s all I’m saying.

P – Phobia[s]:  I suffer from social anxiety, and I hate calling people on the phone. However, I did get myself past a phobia about highway driving several years ago; it developed after a car accident, but conquering it was going to be necessary if I planned to live in California. Getting past that one is one of my prouder personal achievements.

Q – Quote:  “Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.” – Dr. Seuss

R – Reason to smile:  I have a great family that includes a dog.

S – Song you sang last:  
Tall Paul and I tortured the kids with a rendition of “Under the Boardwalk.”

T – Time you wake up:  
4:30 AM on weekdays, and usually no later than 6:30 on weekends. Unless I’m sick, it’s almost physically impossible for me to sleep late.

U – Unknown fact about me: 
But if I tell you, it won’t be unknown any more – so let’s leave it at that.

V – Vegetable you hate: 
Brussels sprouts.

W – Worst habit: 
I’m quite sure I have more than one, depending on whom you ask, and it’s hard for me to single out one as THE worst. (Not being able to pick THE best or worst or favorite of anything is probably on the “worst habits” list, though.) But if it comes to it, probably procrastination, along with all of the distractions I find to avoid doing what I really don’t want to do.

X – X-rays you’ve had:
 I don’t think there have been very many. Dental x-rays. I had some lung x-rays related to diagnosing a chronic cough, but they didn’t show anything. I’ve never broken any bones, so that’s taken away one big reason for needing them in the first place.

Y – Yummy food:  
Yes, I like it. Pastas, chicken, breads, sandwiches, desserts…it doesn’t have to be exotic or complicated, as long as it tastes good.

Z – Zodiac sign:
 I’m an Aries in the conventional Zodiac and a Dragon in the Chinese one. I don’t know that I really fit either, though.

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  1. Kathy (Bermudaonion) – I've had trouble sleeping in ever since I became a parent. Besides, the dog doesn't like it :-).

    Annie – I stole another one from you, too. I think I'm doing that one next week :-D.

  2. Actually, you're halfway to 90, but I know what you mean. 🙂 As a matter of fact, I'm going to a Halfway to 80 party next week.

    Well, we share a worst habit. That's why my blogging has been kind if inconsistent.

  3. Mike – You know I meant halfway through this particular decade :-). But you're also correct, although I'm not sure 90 will be in the cards for me.

    Speaking of procrastination, I need to get around to e-mailing you about my Chicago plans…

    Magpie – I promise not to quiz you :-). Heck, I probably won't remember half of it myself. See you in two weeks!