Ten on Tuesday: Clothes call

This week’s Ten on Tuesday topic is one of my favorite subjects – clothes! One of my early career ambitions was to be a fashion illustrator and/or work with a designer, and while that didn’t last long, it did fuel a lifelong interest in clothes and fashion. I (usually) enjoy clothes shopping, and not just for myself, either. This week prompt asks for “10 Favorite Articles of Clothing You Own,” and I’m afraid I’m fudging that number just a bit, as you’ll see. In no particular order, I present:

Short-sleeved fine-gauge cotton sweater. All three of the sweaters pictured are from Talbots, because this item is a classic. A little more dressed-up than a T-shirt, suitable to wear under another sweater or jacket, and appropriate year-round, these are staples in my closet.

Red cardigan. Red is probably my favorite accent color, and I love layering sweaters to pull an outfit together. This picture does not include all of my red sweaters.

Black jeans. Jeans in varying shades of blue are also closet staples, of course, but black ones have an advantage because they just look a bit more dressed up.

Easy Spirit black walking shoes. I’m not posting a picture because they don’t look like anything special. They are a little more dressed-up than white sneakers, though, and they are amazingly comfortable! I haven’t had this pair very long, but I love them; they’ve become my favorite weekend shoes.

Short boots. Knee-high boots are supposed to be more versatile, but…well, I have short legs, and the lower-calf height just works better for me. My favorite thing about the arrival of cooler weather is being able to start wearing boots again, and I’m always a little sad when it gets warm enough to have to put them aside.

I don’t believe they should ever be worn outside the house or in front of guests (unless they’re of the overnight variety), but I love to hang around in PJs, especially my cozy fleece ones when it’s cold outside.

Speaking of cold…living in Southern California means I don’t get many opportunities to wear my warm faux-shearling coat, but I never worry about getting chilled when I have it on. Then again, not wearing it too often means that I’ll probably get to keep it for a good long time!

The tricky thing about my clothing addiction is that I don’t necessarily like spending a lot of money on it. Even though it’s totally understandable why some things end up on the clearance racks – who would actually wear that?! – sometimes I’ll find something good, like these two skirts that cost $8 each.

Every woman’s wardrobe needs a “little black dress” – evidently, I think I need more than one.


One of my other favorite dresses is a white one. I only wore it once, so I thought I’d show you what it looked like on October 21, 2006.

Do you have a special attachment to any of your clothing – something especially comfortable, something associated with good times, or something that just makes you feel good when you wear it?

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  1. My favorite clothing item is probably a velvet chinese style designer blazer from Etro that I got radically reduced at an outlet mall in Lugano, Switzerland. It is gorgeous.

  2. Chris – Aren’t they great? For me, they work better than the taller ones.

    Social Frog – I’m a bit of a shoe addict. I could have done a list of just shoes, to be honest :-).

    Lenore – It sounds beautiful. I’d love to see a picture some time!

    Joyce – I thought it might be easier to show than to tell for this one :-).

  3. You almost have as many red clothes as I do — almost. Jenn has told my family to stop buying me red shirts.

    That coat looks warm. Too bad you don’t get to use it that often. Or, is that a good thing. 🙂

    Nice wedding photo!

    I have a running shirt for a race in Michigan called The Martian Marathon (which I didn’t run). It’s really cool with aliens and spaceships on it. Maybe I’ll post a picture of it some day.

  4. I am also a fashionista – not so much that I can actually afford buying all the stuff I want or necessarily wriggle myself into some of those awesome suits and sets…but I love fashion and read a lot about it.

    Funnily enough, one of my favorite accent colors is also red and I have many red sweaters/cardigans, I have red shoes, red boots, red handbags, red gloves…heck I even have a red bicycle! LOL. Other than that I wear mostly black. Red looks great with black.

    I also love shoes and boots. Thanks for a great and fun post.

  5. You have some nice-looking boots there! That’s probably my most treasured fashion item, a nice lightweight leather boot with a modest heel is something I love. They are great with jeans for casual or with Hepburn or Annie Hall pants for something fancy.

  6. If I could get away with it without laughing at myself, I would so wear pajamas in public. I swear, I can’t wait to be 70.

  7. Jackie – Thanks for stopping by, and for sharing your list!

    Mike – OK, you have to explain why it was called the Martian Marathon.

    It’s probably good that I don’t get to wear that coat very often, really.

    I don’t think you were reading here in October 2007 – in honor of Paul’s and my first wedding anniversary, I posted a bunch of wedding pictures – including one of our cake topper, which was Homer and Marge Simpson as bride and groom.

    Louise (Bogsider) – I love the red-and-black combination, and wear it a lot, too. I feel like the black tones down the attention thst the red attracts – it’s a nice balance :-).

    Maria (Madame Meow) – I checked out your Facebook pic – that’s a great dress!

    Joanne – I wish our climate let me wear boots more often. I’ve always liked them, but the fact that my husband wears Western boots as dress shoes (even for our wedding!) has encouraged me to wear them even more :-).

    Patois – I don’t think I could bring myself to do wear PJs in public, but you do have a point; maybe when I get to the nursing home…

  8. Karen H – This was a fun post to put together, to be honest – glad you enjoyed it! The quilt and shams were a wedding gift; the color is very relaxing :-).

    Yes, I have definitely seen people out and about in their PJs. Just last weekend, it was a guy ahead of me in line at the post office, but it tends to be girls more often. Usually it’s pajama bottoms and a T-shirt and not a full set of PJ’s, but still – please, people, get dressed!

  9. I love my boots. 🙂 I prefer short boots because I’m short too. I’m not much of a fashion person, I admit. I tend to go for what is most comfortable. I only acquired a black dress this past summer, just in time for Hawaii. 🙂 I didn’t actually get to wear it though.

  10. Wendy (Literary Feline) – Every woman really needs at least one black dress. And almost every one of mine is comfortable – gotta love stretch knits :-).

    I love the fact that I get to have so many pairs of boots, because Payless Shoes usually has a pretty good selection in size 5!